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Feature book: Chieftain by Command

18 February 2015

Chieftain by CommandChieftain by Command by Frances Housden

Gavyn Farquhar has fought as a mercenary for the King for many years. After losing his memory in battle, he is scarred physically but he is a real warrior. He uses the name The Raven and has fought and won many battles for the King when he is hired by Euan McArthur to help protect his land. Gavyn finally finds out who he is and what has happened to his family when he finds his sister and her son living with Euan. Gavyn has lost the lands that should have been his. The King decides as a reward for his hard work and loyalty he must marry Kathryn Comlyn, the daughter of The Bear, who has just died. He is now leader of a stronghold in The Highlands, which, in his opinion, needs a lot of work to keep safe. So Gavyn decides to leave his bride and go to France to make the wealth he will need.

Kathryn Comlyn is daughter to The Bear, who is a strong Norseman leader who controls land high up in the Highlands. Kathryn is feisty and determined. She has just lost her sister and her brother so her father decrees that she marry to give him more power. When that turns out bad and her father also dies the King then gives her and the clan’s lands to the warrior known as The Raven, Gavyn Farquhar. And Kathryn is not happy. She is a strong-willed woman and she is sure she can lead her clan as her father did. When Gavyn leaves her a virgin on her wedding night and takes off, leaving her in the care of trusted clan members to earn the wealth he needs, Kathryn does what needs to be done and keeps the keep and clan running smoothly. Being an intelligent woman, she decides the only way she will have any power is if she can make her husband fall in love with her when and if he returns.

When Gavyn returns the sparks fly immediately in the form of an arrow. Kathryn is trying hard to be easier to get along with, but Gavyn has been celibate for the past two years. He is determined to make Kathryn his true wife as soon as possible and, although Kathryn wants this to happen, she is still a little afraid. But Gavyn is a caring warrior and lover. This starts a sensual and passionate journey fraught with danger that comes from within the clan. He is strong and determined to rule and make the Comlyn Clan lands safe and a fair place for all. As their love and passion grows and Kathryn is kidnapped, Gavyn and Kathryn finally realise their love for each other. This is a beautiful story with so much in it that will keep you turning the pages. The characters are rich and the setting beautiful. What is there not to love in a Scottish warrior in a kilt, even if he has scars. This is the second story in this series and I am looking forward to the next one.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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