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Feature book: Pink Diamonds

4 February 2015

Pink DiamondsPink Diamonds by Jodi Delaney

Alex is a wealthy widow who lets her friend Corinne talk her into taking a road trip around Australia that Ted (her husband) had planned before he was killed beside her in an accident with a drunk driver. Two years after he died, Alex is still desperately in love with Ted and jumps from grief and sadness to primping herself sexy to meet new people and back again frequently. The story opens with a detailed description of her love for her two sons and Ted at his funeral.

Eric is Canadian born but has lived in Australia for about twenty years. He’s ten months into divorce proceedings with his soon-to-be-ex-wife when he meets Alex. He’s taking a break from his high-profile job to rest in the outback with his best mate, Todd, whose wife Layla is about to drop their first child fairly soon. Todd is a serial flirt even though he loves his wife. Alex and Corinne mistake Eric and Todd as a gay couple initially because of their exuberant and overly long hug on meeting up at the outback resort they are all staying at.

Eric and Alex’s romance is fraught with melodrama and pages and pages of gotta-have sex. They’re both damaged. Alex from the death of her beloved husband Ted, and Eric from his wife Louise’s affair with another woman and subsequent confession she had married and remained with him for eighteen years to try and live a normal, not lesbian, life. But the melodrama doesn’t stop there, there’s the whole evil Stuart who attacks Alex, Corinne’s affair with Todd and resulting pregnancy, Eric’s soon-to-be-ex-wife, Louise, throwing Alex out of Eric’s house. Not to mention Corinne’s near-fatal accident with John (don’t ask) somewhere off the beaten track in the great outback, and the court date for Stuart the rapist is just in time for Alex to have to shack up in Adelaide with sexy Rexy with whom she had a relationship in the way past (before Ted) and, just prior to meeting Eric, an unsatisfactory one-night stand. Phew.

This book is just over 400 pages, which is too long. While it’s commendable for the author to use a fifty-year-old heroine, the story is fraught with melodrama. The book is written in first person from Alex’s perspective and would have been much more entertaining without the info-dump of descriptions she provides prior to meeting Eric. The adultery of Todd and Corinne will offend a lot of people, there’s very little remorse on either part. It would be a big commitment to take on this book, you might enjoy Alex and Eric’s tale but start at page 59. Also, having extensively researched pink Argyle diamonds and their recommended ateliers, fifteen thousand dollar earrings with pink diamonds would not be set in silver, white gold probably, platinum most definitely, but sterling silver, no, just no.

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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