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Feature book: 7 Minutes in Heaven

4 February 2015

7MinutesInHeaven17 Minutes in Heaven by Rhian Cahill

Cass is single. She’s been single since her last boyfriend got snarky with her working hours, turned up at an event she was running (a child’s birthday), threw a hissy fit, embarrassed her in front of a client, disturbed the party and basically lost her some business in her event management company. ‘Are You Game?’ is the name of her enterprise and she has just expanded it to cater to three types of events: birthdays and other family events; corporate team building; and, the newest addition, adult parties, which are definitely for the 18+ crowd.

Lucas (Luc) is head of security for McDermott Security. He’s intelligent and a well-rounded alpha male, protective but not overbearing, can cook, is handy around the house and can basically look after himself (now that’s what fantasy is all about). He’s also good at his job.

Lucas meets Cass at one of her adult parties, sparks fly and before you know it, mind-blowing kisses and a dare are orchestrated. They each get twenty-four hours to direct the other one, who has to do as they’re told, which is difficult for both of them as they are take-charge types. Given the scorching kisses, it might seem likely that sex slaving would occur; it doesn’t. Interestingly they are respectful of each other. Cass does have a little fun with Luc, taking him as help to a birthday party full of six-year-old girls in tutu princess dresses. Luc, however, is determined to charm Cass and gets her to take a break from the business and enjoy relaxing for a day.

If you don’t like explicit and plentiful sex scenes this book is not for you. The story is about Cass and Lucas coming to be friends and more from a weekend sort-of hook-up. There is relationship building and lots and lots and lots (yes, it has to be said three times) of sex. It’s not kinky sex of any variety, just straight two-person hetero sex with a variety of positions and locations and that gotta-have-it urgency of full-on lust. It is an easy read, there are no big problems or personality quirks to overcome so if you’re looking for a lusty but light read this is it. Enjoy with the proviso that there’s no-one to read over your shoulder. Unless of course, that’s your thing 😉

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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