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Publisher pitch: Escape Publishing, Feb 2015

31 January 2015

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Oh February: the most romantic of months. And do we have some romance in store for you!

Do you know what your housewives are up to?

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives—Emma by Viveka Portman. (releasing February 5) Emma knows she’s putting pressure on her relationship with surf-god Rosco, so she gives him carte blanche in the bedroom. Are either of them prepared for what that means?

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives—Willow by Christina Phillips. (releasing February 19) Willow has loved Seb for as long as she’s known him, but she keeps him at arm’s length because of a past mistake. But Seb is tired of keeping his distance, and he is going all out to make sure that he gets closer—much, much closer.

Releasing 8 February:

Unstitched by Jacquie Underdown. Hot new adult romance about what happens when you meet the perfect guy at the worst possible time.

Curses Once Spoken by Carly Drake. YA fantasy: In Words Once Spoken, we met Evelyn, the normal girl with an extraordinary secret. Now we meet the men who love her …

Second Chance Island by Jenny Schwartz. One of our most popular authors continues her tour of Australia—with love. She’s escaped to a tropical paradise, but her past is going to find her.

Empty Heart by Elisabeth Rose. Romantic suspense at its best: One honeymoon, one vanished husband, one desperate wife—and the cop who is tasked to help her, but can’t seem to keep his thoughts on the job.

Releasing 22 February

The Apollo Academy by Kimberly P Chase. For fans of Scarlett Dawn: Take off with this dynamic, thrill-seeking, sexy new adult science fiction series debut. Welcome to the exclusive Apollo Academy, where Aurora is about to discover that achieving her dream is only the first step towards her future.

Snowy River Man by Lizzy Chandler. An exciting debut from a fresh talent: Their chance at love was lost in the harsh light of day. Is the romance of the majestic Snowy Mountains enough to heal the wounds of the past so that they get a second chance at a future?

Forgotten Fragrance by Tea Cooper. The latest in Australian historical romance: Only one woman can confirm his innocence, and release him from the torments of his past.

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Yours in romance,
Kate and the Escape Team

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  1. Jeanie M permalink
    1 February 2015 7:40 pm

    Jenny, Second Chance Island is on my ‘must read’ list this week. There are so many great titles – Emma was really fun and I can’t wait to read Snowy River Man too.

    Anyone want to hire a professional reader?!

    • Jenny Schwartz permalink
      2 February 2015 9:07 am

      Jeanie, I saw your Jan list of reads — you’re already a professional reader!

  2. 31 January 2015 10:04 am

    Really looking forward to reading it, Jenny.

    • Jenny Schwartz permalink
      31 January 2015 10:09 am

      VK — *big smile* Have a great weekend!

  3. Jenny Schwartz permalink
    31 January 2015 9:21 am

    I know authors are biased, but you are going to love “Second Chance Island”. Meeting the great love of your life and having a second chance to get things right is one of my favourite storylines in romance. Add in the setting – a tropical island on the Great Barrier Reef and wow! This is a short story that steals you away for an hour. Enjoy!

    And don’t the other books look amazing? I can’t decide whether to sail away with “Forgotten Fragrance” or cuddle up to the hero of “Snowy River Man” first 🙂

    • helensibbritt permalink
      1 February 2015 11:29 am

      Jenny it is a great story I loved it the setting is awesome and there are lots of great books out this month even though I have retired now I still don’t seem to have enough reading time to catch up on them all LOL

      Have Fun

      • Jenny Schwartz permalink
        1 February 2015 11:31 am

        Helen, I’m all smiley this early Sunday morning from your kind words 🙂

        And I so understand the problem — too many books! It’s a fab problem 😉

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