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ARRA newsletter #66

15 January 2015

Purple news

The January issue of the ARRA newsletter is out today. Members have received the download via email.

In our lead article this month we exclusively reveal the title and blurb for the book that Shannon Curtis has written for ARRA. Pre-orders will open soon – and ARRC2015 delegates will be able to pre-order a print version to be collected at the convention. Watch for an email with details.

In case you missed it on the blog, the finalists in the 2014 awards have been announced and voting is now open (see page 4). Congratulations to all the finalists! If you would like to take part in the reading challenge you can find details on page 6.

Nominations for EC positions will open soon—you can find details on page 5. And some of our regulars tell us their ‘finds’ of 2014. Maybe there will be someone new on these lists you can try.

And of course all our regulars: tracking trends (men who write romance!), the romance roundup, plus news, reviews and author interviews.

If anyone has any publishing news, or deals to report, please send any information through to

Happy reading everyone!



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