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ARRC2015: Pop Quiz, round 14

12 January 2015

Purple QHere are the questions for round 14 of the Pop Quiz:

  1. In which country was Alison Stuart born?
  2. Under which two pseudonyms has Sylvia Day written?
  3. Where in North Queensland is Barbara Hannay’s little cottage?
  4. What is the name of the short story by Lilliana Rose included in the anthology The Grotesquerie?
  5. Which series of films is Wendy L Curtis’s favourite?
  6. What is the name of the couple in Louisa Mack’s novel Cooking Up Trouble?
  7. Who is Bronwyn Parry’s agent?
  8. Amy Andrews co-authored the book Sister Pact with which other author?
  9. Viveka Portman has a bachelor degree in what?
  10. What sport is featured in Jennifer Ryder’s novel Strike?

Email your answers to Each correct answer scores 1 point, with 2 bonus points if your answers are received within 24 hours of the questions being posted. Points will accumulate each week and the winner will be the person with the highest point score after round 20 concludes. The winner will be announced at ARRC2015.

Note that you must be an ARRC2015 delegate or an ARRA member to enter the competition.


And here are the answers for round 13:

  1. How does Trish Morey’s name appear on the Czech editions of her books?—Trish Moreyova
  2. What does Lexxie Couper’s cat like to stalk?—shadows
  3. The heroine of Sofia Tate’s novel Breathless for Him is a gifted what?—opera singer
  4. What is the name of Jennifer Kloester’s teddy bear?—Cuthbert
  5. Noelle Clark’s novel Stone of Heaven and Earth spans which years?—1914 to 1929
  6. Under which HarperCollins Australia imprint is Dani Kristoff’s novel The Sorcerer’s Spell published?—Aus Impulse
  7. What is the name of the band from Nalini Singh’s novel Rock Addiction?—Schoolboy Choir
  8. What is the name of the regular blog article Cathryn Hein publishes that contains the word ‘Friday’?—Friday Feast
  9. Where does the heroine of Maggie Mundy’s novel Hidden Mortality live?—Bristol
  10. How many goats does Alyssa J Montgomery have?—seven

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