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Feature book: Rock Courtship

7 January 2015

Rock CourtshipRock Courtship by Nalini Singh

So you read Rock Addiction—Fox and Molly’s story. You will have noticed that other story thread of David and Thea. Here we get their story.

David has loved Thea since he first saw her, even though she was dating another. Once he plucks up the courage, and with some advice from Molly, he sends Thea a memo that starts the deepening of their relationship. There are some things still to sorted between them in the relationship but they have to be able to trust each other. Thea is the one who has the chronic trust issues as she was burned before by the man who was supposed to love her and, when there is an incident that could cause a rift, David panics and is desperate to make sure Thea understands that he is being blackmailed. Thea slips into professional mode and David takes that as a rejection of him. Thea gets it and assures David that she gets it but he has to realise she also needs to have a professional perspective and that sometimes they will cross over.

This novella doesn’t have the same intense sexual relationship as Fox and Molly’s story; it is like Thea and David, slow and deliberate. They know each other on a professional level and they have to get to know each other on a personal level. The chemistry between David and Thea is intense but their relationship is different to Molly and Fox—as it should be.

In the story, a little more of each band member is revealed and it allows the reader to see more of their character and why they are where they are and the bond between the members. Of course we know that no one will get between the boys and their long-standing relationships. Beware the woman who thinks she can.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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