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Happy hour with Maya and Nalini

3 January 2015

Maya and NaliniOn 25 November, 40 fortunate readers spent the evening with romance superstars Nalini Singh and Maya Banks. The event was split into two sections: a meet-and-greet for competition winners followed by a double signing open to everyone.

This event was sponsored and run by ARRA, and Dymocks 234 Collins, in Melbourne, provided a lovely venue space for the meet-and-greet. We started off with a Q&A, and before starting, Maya insisted on a spoiler-friendly event, which meant that any and all questions were fair game, and the authors had to answer. (It also meant that anyone not caught up on each series had to cover their ears and sing ‘la la la’ for certain portions of the event.)

Nalini was celebrating a release day on the day (the Night Shift anthology contains a Psy/Changeling novella), and Maya talked about her new trilogy (Keep Me Safe is available now).

This is not a spoiler-friendly space, so I can’t share everything that we talked about, but I can tell you this:

  • Nalini has kissed Maya, and there’s photographic proof.
  • Maya prefers damaged heroines, and likes her heroes nurturing and caring.
  • Nalini cryptically answered a question about a certain Archangel series character who attended a certain dinner and answered a certain number of questions truthfully – attendees now know exactly how many questions were answered with the truth.
  • She was much less cryptic about the ending of the Psy/Changeling series, and how she sees the world evolving in the future (IN THE FUTURE! THAT MEANS MORE BOOKS!)
  • Maya is used to writing 10 books a year, but only (!) managed 4 this year. She also thinks that Nalini is a rare breed of author: a good storyteller and a good writer.

Nalini and crowdI can also share that there were a few tweeters in the audience, and if you check out the hashtag for the evening (#arrahappyhour), you might be able to glean a few details.

It was a lovely event, and both authors stayed late into the evening to make sure that all books were signed, and every fan met. Huge thanks to Louise at Dymocks for her hard work (and for staying late!), and, of course, to ARRA, who put on this brilliant event!

Kate Cuthbert

[And an enormous thank you to Kate Cuthbert for hosting the event for ARRA and for pulling questions out of thin air at a moment’s notice! For those who missed out on meeting Nalini in November, don’t forget that she will be at ARRC2015 in Canberra in March.]

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