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Feature book: Bound by His Desire

31 December 2014

Bound by His DesireBound by His Desire by Nicole Flockton

He doesn’t need a woman in his life. He needs a reliable and unattractive assistant. Someone he can rely upon to help him close a big business deal. Nick Rhodes is tired of women chasing him for his money and the possible position in society. Then he spots the bridesmaid and some of the thoughts leave his mind. But no, he must think of the deal and what his father did to destroy the family. He then finds that Pamela has been recommended as his new assistant.

Pamela Bishop needs a new job. Her boss is getting married and will probably not require her any more. But she needs a job to pay the debts her mother left behind upon her death. The debt collectors are circling and Pamela is running out of options. She will have to sell her home. Pamela accepts the job as Nick’s assistant not realising she will be located in New York. This provides her with an opportunity to see other places. And while in New York she gets to experience Times Square, Empire State Building and a horse-and-carriage ride around Central Park.

Nick discovers that as an assistant Pamela is gold, and treats her to the sights of New York. He is so attracted to her that he also sleeps with her. But then thinks of her as a gold-digger when he finds out that Pamela needs money. She was only asking for advice not for money. The pair have a fight and there is much territory to cover before they can find the HEA.

There was nothing onerous about reading this story. I did find it frustrating that Nick would blow so hot and cold in his treatment of Pamela. It is one thing to have the thoughts but to act upon those feelings can certainly leave the other person feeling like they are on shifting sands. It is good that Pamela grows in confidence while she is in New York and is eventually able to deal with Nick’s shifting moods until he decides that he cannot possibly live without her. A great story for the afternoon.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. Jeanie M permalink
    1 January 2015 7:00 pm

    Love stories set in New York. Thanks for the review Heather.

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