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Guest blogger: Kat Martin

28 December 2014

Kat MartinIn Alaska there are no limits to what a man can do

Having traversed the vast Alaskan landscape on two separate month-long occasions, staying in the back of a tiny pickup camper, I can see why Alaska is called America’s last wilderness.

Though the vistas are magnificent and the animal life abundant, along with the pleasure of seeing them are howling winds that spring up unexpectedly, slashing rains, and frost on the ground in the morning—and that was in August!

Residents deal with dangerous grizzly bear encounters and charging moose. They put up with cantankerous hermits who live far into the back country and definitely don’t like visitors. They suffer winters that seem endless, forest fires, and droughts.

Now imagine Samantha Hollis, a San Francisco city girl, travelling to Alaska to visit the hot guy she fell for in La Vegas. It’s the first of October and already she’s facing the challenges of the coming winter. Samantha is certain she could never make a life in Alaska, but she can’t resist the invitation from the hottest guy she has ever met.

And there is something she badly needs to tell Nick.

Unlike Samantha, Nick Brodie was born and raised in the rugged wilds of Alaska. The brutal winters and harsh living have forged him into a hard-edged, capable man who fits perfectly into the rugged landscape. And being a former Army Ranger and an ex-Anchorage homicide detective, Nick is tough as nails.

Against the Sky is the second book in my Brodies of Alaska trilogy. Against the Wild was the first. Nick’s brother, Dylan, is a bush pilot who purchases an old fishing lodge, a real man’s man. A true Alaskan. So are Nick and his hunky brother, Rafe.

In Against the Sky, when Nick and Samantha step in to help Nick’s teenage neighbour, they’re unwillingly swept into a wild ride that leads them into passion and terrible danger.

I hope you’ll watch for Against the Sky, and that you enjoy it.

Very best wishes, Kat


Against the SkyAgainst the Sky

ALASKA. In America’s last wilderness there is no limits to what a man can do.

For detective Nick Brodie, that means keeping the perps off the streets of Anchorage 24/7. Nick has never backed down from danger, but after the horrors he’s seen, he’s definitely in need of a break.

Samantha Hollis never thought she’d meet anyone like Nick, especially in a place like Las Vegas. But after one reckless, passionate night, she discovers the charismatic stranger is everything she wants in a man. But can he ever be more than a one-night stand?

When Nick invites her to Alaska, Samantha decides to find out, never guessing the depths she’ll discover in him or the tangle of murder, kidnapping, and danger about to engulf them both …

You can buy Against the Sky at: Amazon | B&N | Indiebound | BAM | Booktopia

  1. 29 December 2014 9:14 am

    Forget what I said, Kat. Just pre-ordered it. So looking forward to reading it.

  2. 28 December 2014 5:47 pm

    Sounds like a great read, Kat, Alaska fascinates me!

  3. 28 December 2014 11:36 am

    Hi Kat. I would love to buy your book. It sounds like it’s right down my alley. But I couldn’t. It’s with, but I have to buy from, and they say your book’s not there.

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