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Feature book: The Knight of Castle Kildare

24 December 2014

The Knight of Castle KildareThe Knight of Castle Kildare by Erin Moira O’Hara

Kate Manning has loved Sir Caleb Sinclair for most of her life. Her grandmother told her stories of his heroic feats and the curse that has kept him imprisoned in Castle Kildare. Kate dreams of rescuing her knight and when her grandmother dies, she heads back to the castle where her grandmother lived, determined to break the curse and bring her dream man into the real world. But it’s not without its dangers. A sword, reputed to be priceless, brings danger from others who know of the legend and want her out of the way. As her ghost becomes a man, Kate discovers her knight is still entrenched in his medieval ways. His view? A woman such as Kate belongs in his bed, doing his bidding. It’s up to Kate to bring him up to date with how modern women are not subservient and will make their own decisions. Just because she is in love with her knight, does not mean she will fall into his bed and let him move on to other women. She’s a one-man woman, and yes, Caleb is that man, but she can, and will, resist his attempts to satisfy his lust without commitment.

Caleb soon finds himself totally enamoured with the gorgeous and feisty woman who claims that not only is she now the castle’s owner, but also that she will not be ‘bedded’ on the previous owner’s whim. She is looking for love, for that one and only. Caleb is sure he can seduce her. She’s very susceptible to his considerable charms, but she’s also very stubborn. Because of Kate’s determination to break Caleb free from his long imprisonment and return his sword and castle, Caleb finds himself wanting Kate for himself for always.

It’s always fun to see a huge hunky knight having to adjust to present day. Where their hulk and dominant personalities could hold forts and families safe against invaders, knowing they would be obeyed, the modern-day heroine will not bow and give in to such antics. Medieval men are still hunks and very sexy, but also cute in their innocent belief that their way is the only way. So Sir Caleb Sinclair and Miss Kate Manning are going to have to find a mutually acceptable path that will have them achieving their HEA.

A fun, ghost-and-castle romp that will make you feel good.

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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