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Feature book: Lethal Abandon

24 December 2014

Lethal AbandonLethal Abandon by Kallie Lane

Remy Renaud is a wildlife biologist who was raised by her brothers, so she is a tough woman used to looking after herself and very independent. She is on a working trip in the Everglades checking into endangered species and when her friend Peter offers to help guide her, she of course refuses. But when Remy gets herself lost and discovers a body dump, with the killers still there, she is in a lot of danger. Tough as she is, she kills one of the men. Then Papa Joe arrives and gets her away safely, although she is injured. Remy is back at the base with her friends and she knows she needs to speak to the police. Against her wishes she is taken away by a stranger who is friends with Peter, and she is not a happy person. She is injured and in shock and needs some help, but is determined to get away.

Micah Rivera has been holidaying after being injured on the job. He runs his own security company and is a part of the Shadow Soldiers, a band of friends that work to protect when needed. Each of them has a specialty and Micah’s is security. Settling down with one woman is not in his plans. When his friend Peter calls him in to help with Remy, of course he will but there is something about the fiery redhead that starts sparks within his body. She is a strong feisty woman, nothing like what he normally is attracted to and he is not sure whether she and Peter have something between them either. He is determined to just protect her and that is all.

Micah calls in the rest of the Shadow Soldiers and, against Remy’s will, gets her away fast. He takes her to Canada, to his home at Silver Lake where he can protect her and keep her away from the FBI, who will use her for bait to catch the serial killer. Remy is in grave danger but is determined to get away and go to the police. It is a battle of wills between them with sparks flying and when the rest of the team arrive with their partners in tow, Remy starts to see that Micah is protecting her but she needs love and understanding as well and neither can stop the sparks, so give in to a very sensual attraction.

This is a fast-paced and action-filled story that will keep you on the edge of your seat as the serial killers come after Remy and Micah. The Shadow Soldiers do everything to protect her and everyone else. There is lots of danger, but the sensual journey to a HEA for the independent Remy and the strong-willed Micah is one that will have you smiling throughout the story. The banter between them is great, the setting is beautiful, and catching up with the characters from the previous stories was great as well. If you like your romantic suspense with lots of action and danger then this is a story not to be missed. I loved it and have really enjoyed this series. I recommend them all.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. 24 December 2014 11:46 pm

    Thanks so much for the wonderful review Helen and ARRA. And Happy Holidays to all!

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