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Feature book: Deceptive Innocence

17 December 2014

Deceptive InnocenceDeceptive Innocence by Kyra Davis

Bell’s life is all about revenge. She’s been planning it for years. Her mother died in gaol before Bell was able to tell her that she believed in her innocence, but now, after meticulous planning, she’s prepared to take down the powerful Gable family. First, she will seduce the youngest, Lander, then infiltrate the older brother’s family. Once she’s entrenched, she plans to learn as much as she can from the inside, playing one brother against the other, breaking up the family. For Bell, nothing is more important than her mother’s accusers be made to pay. They ruined her family and left her with no one. She has nothing more to lose. They have everything still and Bell wants to see them torn apart, bitter and bereft.

But Lander is not quite the reckless person she believed him to be. The more time she spends with him, the harder it’s becoming to hurt him. His father and brother seem even more evil than she had thought, but Lander is the mystery she cannot solve. With her goal becoming less clear, Bell fights her emotional involvement, but can she stick to her original plan?

I struggled with this one. The excellent mystery kept me hooked. I just couldn’t work it all out. As the end of the book drew near, I even became somewhat nervous, thinking I was going to be left with a cliff-hanger and no resolution. Thank goodness I got answers. It is set up to continue, but done in a clever way in that there was resolution, but the revenge is ongoing. For readers that love a tough heroine who will do whatever it takes, then I think you’ll appreciate this one. I’m a bit more of a romantic, I think, and I felt deprived of an emotional connection because the heroine was so detached and there was no other POV. I would have loved to learn a little more of what Lander was thinking. I did like him, but could not get close.

So, a different read for me. It’s full of suspense, danger and yes, some hot sex. There’s a lot of danger still out there and if it is solved in the follow-up, it will be a very exciting read. First-person narration, a heroine with nothing to lose (or so she believes) and a big business with seemingly untouchable baddies. Can Bell defeat them? I look forward to finding out.

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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