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ARRC2015: Pop Quiz, round 10

15 December 2014

Purple QHere are the questions for round 10 of the Pop Quiz:

  1. What is the name of the Beverley Eikli book in which the heroine has a recognisably shaped birthmark?
  2. In which Australian state does Danielle Belwater live?
  3. In the ‘Seven Signs’ series by Erica Hayes what is the name given to the fallen angels as a group?
  4. What is Imogene Nix’s day job?
  5. Which Fiona Lowe book involves a ten-day bike ride around Victoria?
  6. What are two things Victoria Dahl does in the summer (usually not at the same time)?
  7. What is the title of Suzi Love’s Regency Noir novel?
  8. What did Paula Roe want to be when she was young?
  9. What is the Spanish title of Michelle Douglas’s book The Man Who Saw Her Beauty?
  10. On Elisabeth Rose’s website there is a picture of her doing what in the Western Desert, Egypt?

Email your answers to Each correct answer scores 1 point, with 2 bonus points if your answers are received within 24 hours of the questions being posted. Points will accumulate each week and the winner will be the person with the highest point score after round 20 concludes. The winner will be announced at ARRC2015.

Note that you must be an ARRC2015 delegate or an ARRA member to enter the competition.


And here are the answers for round 9:

  1. In which book by Viola Grace, writing as Zenina Masters, do a fox shifter and a peacock shifter appear?—Vixen’s Run
  2. What breed of dog does Allison Butler have?—Jack Russell
  3. What are the names and ranks of the hero and heroine of SE Gilchrist’s novel Legend Beyond the Stars?—Commander Tarak El Rajan and Captain Alana Knight
  4. In which Australian state does Shona Husk live?—Western Australia
  5. Which series is Angela Verdenius’s book Vet’s Desire a part of?—Big Girls Lovin’
  6. What is the name of Kirsty Dallas’s merchandise store?—Cafe Press Store
  7. What is the title of the music used in Ellen Cross’s trailer for her book Delta Blues?—Zombie Hoodoo
  8. When Kelley Armstrong was asked as a child to produce a story about girls and dolls, what did she write about?—undead girls and evil dolls
  9. What is the name of the anthology in which Jennifer Brassel’s story ‘A Lady’s Honour’ appears?—Moonlit Encounters
  10. What exotic pet does Jennie Jones have?—an axolotl

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