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Feature book: Risk

10 December 2014

RiskRisk by Rhyll Biest

Mike is a risk analyst with what he considers a need for deviant sex, which he keeps under control because he’s fallen in love with Jane. But he’s finding the strain of keeping his needs hidden is surfacing in him working long hours and getting drunk more and more often. He had a previous partner dump him and disappear very quickly after he explained his preferences.

Jane is a computer geek who enjoys sexting with and teasing Mike and a vigorous, if vanilla-ish, sex life. She loves Mike but realises he’s holding something back from her, especially when they have sex.

Vlad and Lena are a couple Mike had a ménage relationship with when he worked in Russia. They pulled him out of a downward spiral of drinking, gambling and whoring. He can’t quite forget them, but doesn’t see Jane fitting in with their desires and lifestyle.

This story is really about Mike admitting what he needs sexually and accepting that his needs are not wrong. It requires the intervention of Jane, Vlad and Lena to help him achieve that acceptance.

This is a seventy-page erotic story involving two married heterosexual couples. There’s some lady on lady action and swapping of partners, rough-ish sex and a ménage scene, so if you are only interested in plain hetero sex this novella is not for you. Mike’s struggles with his sexual proclivities add a dark tone to this story. This darkness is reflected in the story’s settings, the ugly descriptions of the city they live in, the run-down location at which the partner swapping occurs and the smearing of dirt on naked bodies, especially on the pristine-appearing Jane. Literally and figuratively dripping in dirty sex, this is not a romantic story, it’s a risqué carnal tale that has Mike either thinking, talking or participating in the sex. An interesting but not comforting short story; enjoying this book will be about whether or not dirty sex cranks your lady parts.

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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