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Feature book: Impossible Desires

10 December 2014

Impossible DesiresImpossible Desires by Tamsin Baker

Lady Eleanor Rossette is a well-off, lush, strong, beautiful widow looking for a new husband who shares her erotic tastes. Her late husband, the Baron of Vartone, was an unpleasant, abusive man who left her with a fear of men in control in the bedroom.

Gareth, Lord Osborne, is a well-off, private, intelligent, handsome man looking for a wife to produce heirs with. He’s not the least bit attracted to the flibbertigibbet young things in their first season. He wants an intelligent, beautiful woman who pleases him in bed.

It’s lust at first sight for Gareth and Eleanor, with her a closet dominatrix, damaged by her late husband and he a closet submissive, but only in the bedroom and not in the boardroom (or whatever passes as a boardroom in the Regency era). They travel a swift, sometimes delayed gratification, amorous path to true love and happily-ever-after with a few minor bumps caused in the main by Gareth’s good friend, Patrick.

This is a fifty (that’s fifty not filthy, and there are no shades of grey) page erotic novella. It’s what I would call BDSM-lite with some use of the word Mistress, a few silken ties and a little spanking with a riding crop. If you are strict about Regency appropriateness, the sex in general and forwardness of Eleanor in particular may not meet your approval; however it’s a quick, ahem, romp with likeable main characters. Being an erotic novella, there’s a lot of sex, or characters talking or thinking about sex, so I don’t recommend you peruse this one on public transport; save it for private or deliberately shared reading and avoid those people who feel the need to peer over your shoulder on the bus, tram or train. Enjoy.

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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