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Feature book: The Professional

3 December 2014

The ProfessionalThe Professional by Kresley Cole

Natalie Porter has spent a lot of hard-earned money in a frustrating search for the father she never knew. With her money nearly gone, she’s about to give up when suddenly she’s kidnapped by a dangerous man who informs her she is to be taken to her father, immediately. She’s not only found him but a bucketload of trouble as well. But it’s too late to pull back. Whisked off to Russia with the sexiest man she has ever met, she learns that her father is very, very rich, very powerful and connected to the Russian Mafiya. And his most entrusted employee is Aleksandr Sevastyan. His loyalty to her father is absolute, but the attraction she acknowledges for the sexy Siberian is more that she’s ever felt for another man. He warns her to stay clear, that he has extreme needs that would shock her, but Natalie is not daunted; she’s prepared to match him all the way. He just has to show her what he wants. Natalie’s search has finally given her the chance to meet the father she longed for. But it’s a case of be careful what you wish for. Now she’s in danger, on the run with Sevastyan though some of Europe’s most prestigious settings and about to give in to a Dominant’s wants.

Her father’s enforcer, Aleksandr Sevastyan, is not going to let Natalie change her mind. She’s in danger from her father’s enemies and Sevastyan will do whatever it takes to get her safely to the man he owes his life to. But keeping it professional is not easy. Natalie is the most tempting woman he has ever met. His loyalty to her father is total and there is no way he would approve of Sevastyan seducing Natalie. But she’s not making it easy for him. Each time he gives in to the temptation, having a taste of her, he finds she is more than willing to satisfy all his demands.

Love, love, loved this book! I didn’t think I’d really be keen on a romance set in Russia, or a Siberian hero. Don’t know why, but hey, nothing like something different! This is one very sexy man! And the sex! Hot! If you like it that way, you’ll love this one and you have a great story thrown in. But I think the highlight, in many ways, is the very likable heroine. She stays strong all the way through, despite being thrown into a totally alien environment. I also love the fact she is so willing to fight for her man. I think it’s the touch of humour in a very serious story that also makes this book a cut above the mundane.

So if you like ’em really, really hot with an excellent story, go for this one. You won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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