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Feature book: Riley’s Billionaire

12 November 2014

Riley's BillionaireRiley’s Billionaire by Sunny Cole

Riley Grace, viticulturist, orphan, free spirit with strawberry-blonde hair and dark green eyes wants nothing more than to own her own vineyard and investigate her past to hopefully uncover a family. She unsuspectingly interviews for marriage when she applies for a job determining what disease has infiltrated the grapes of the Cadigal Valley vineyard.

Jacques Beauchamp (Jack), billionaire, dark and debonair Frenchman wants control of the Cadigal Valley vineyard. He’s got a secret weapon in his bid to win control of the winery, and her name is Riley Grace, soon to be Riley Beauchamp. What he hasn’t told Riley is that she may be the missing Fitzgerald heiress, and she could inherit the vineyard. He also hasn’t told Riley that his business partner may well be her grandmother.

Riley and Jack sign business agreements regarding their marriage and Riley’s job at Cadigal, and then go on a series of dates to become familiar with each other before their civil ceremony. During this time they learn about each other and fall, unexpectedly to them, in love. Along the way they will face scepticism of her heritage by various family members, attempts on her life and a wild ride on a motorcycle in a bid to outrun a storm that sees them wash up, so to speak, in a beachside hotel in Newcastle.

It’s a one-hundred page story with a marriage for convenience, which turns into true love, trope. Suspend your disbelief of an unmarried, dark, debonair, billionaire Frenchman with an Aussie mother marrying the unknown-to-her missing heiress for control of a vineyard and enjoy the pleasant tale with a glass of your favourite tipple. The Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Sydney Harbour are showcased in this congenial tale of an uptown boy in love with a seemingly downtown girl. Many excellent Hunter Valley wines were tasted to bring authenticity to this review 😉

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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