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Feature book: Fast Track

12 November 2014

Fast TrackFast Track by Julie Garwood

Cordelia Kane was just two years old when her mother died, leaving her beloved father to raise her. She is devastated when he dies of a heart attack, but the shocks continue when she learns the shocking truth about her mother. With the support of her close friends, Cordelia decides to travel to Australia to learn more about her mother and her mother’s family. Always in the background supporting her is Aiden Madison, billionaire motel magnate, brother of one of her closest friends and the man she has loved since she was a child. But it’s time for some changes. Aiden might be a great help to her, but he’s never shown any deeper interest, whereas Cordelia’s childhood crush has grown into an unrequited love. Cordelia decides it’s time to make changes in her life, to move on and start afresh now she no longer has her father.

Aiden Madison is a very busy man, but he will always find the time to help Cordelia. When she decides she needs to go to Australia, he is adamant he will take her there. He’ll just bring forward his planned visit to Sydney. After a very unsavoury meeting with an ambitious and unscrupulous congressman, he doesn’t mind getting out of the country for a while. Having Cordelia to himself, with no family or friends to interfere, gives them the opportunity to spend time with each other and it’s not long before a mutual attraction flares into full-blown passion.

It’s hot and it’s not going to end once they hit Sydney, but there are plenty of other distractions, and when Cordelia’s life is threatened, there is no way Aiden is going to let her out of his sight. But getting her back to Chicago doesn’t stop the threats, and Aiden is finding himself torn between his relentless dedication to the family business and the fierce need to protect Cordelia. It’s time for some changes in his life.

I’m a bit of a fan of Julie Garwood, but I have to say I could not get into this one. Two POVs, yet I didn’t feel empathetic. The story felt a little too smooth. Cordy and Aiden were both really nice people and that’s the trouble, all I felt was the ‘nice’. What I did love was the way the congressman got his comeuppance. Loved it. Should be more of it. Very shrewd plan from the author. Wish there could be some of it here.

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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