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Feature book: Enraptured

12 November 2014

EnrapturedEnraptured by Shannon Curtis

Gabriel Martin is recovering after being shot in the shoulder by his now ex-boss. At the moment he is not the happiest of men. Normally Gabriel is a nice fun guy, independent and also very handsome, but with needing a live-in physiotherapist to help with everything, he is grumpy. He is worried that he will never be able to get back to work again as he has always loved his job as a builder and loves making the tanks for the turtles he loves so much. He has now just gotten his third physiotherapist and this just makes things worse. This one is very good looking but the first one was female as well and very creepy.

Bella Tomkins has just lost her father and there are lots of bills that need to be paid. So after agreeing to help a fellow workmate and take over the role as live-in physiotherapist to Gabriel Martin, Bella will be his third physiotherapist and that is not a good start. When she meets him, she is struck by his good looks but also the grumpy, unhappy vibes he is passing to her. Bella is determined to help Gabe as much as she can for more than one reason. Firstly, she really needs the money and, secondly, she is good at what she does.

Now add a few fairies from the land of Fantasia that are sent to ensure that Gabe and Bella have their fairy tale and some evil to add to the fun. This is a story that will have you captured and thoroughly enjoying. We met Esmerelda, the Fairy Godmother Enforcer, and Rumpelstiltskin, the imp (or Essie and Rump as they are known in the first book in this series) and now there is also Mistyweather, the klutzy fairy, who also arrives to help.

When Gabe and Bella first meet, the sparks fly and electricity sparks through their fingertips, but Gabe is so grumpy and sure he will never get better. Bella is very determined to help and when Essie and Rump arrive to help them along, Gabe slowly melts that anger with Bella’s touch when she is massaging him. But Essie feels the evil and so does Rump. Instead of Rump agreeing with Essie, he chooses not to so he can find some answers as to who framed him for a previous misdeed that had him confined for many years; this causes a rift between these two who also have had a romantic past.

With Essie and Rump helping Gabe and Bella along and danger lurking from a stalker who is determined to have Gabe for herself and is causing a few of Gabe’s health problems, it is not long before they cannot control their desires. Bella also has problems letting herself come to terms with these feelings because she is working for Gabe, but he convinces her in the end when the evil shows its true colours and there is death and mayhem.

I loved this story. It had me smiling and thoroughly enjoying it from start to finish. This story has a bit of everything in it: suspense, a very sensual romance and a paranormal twist. It’s one I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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