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Release day: Unexpected Places

8 November 2014

Today is the official release of Unexpected Places by VK Black (ebook, Escape Publishing). Here’s the blurb:

Unexpected PlacesOne treasure map; a pair of priceless emeralds; two very keen hunters—only one can win, but who says that competition can’t be a little fun?

When sweet, pretty Ariana Noonan knocks out treasure hunter, Luke Donahue, with a champagne bottle and steals his treasure map, he vows to get his map back, find the missing priceless emeralds…and exact a fitting revenge.

When Luke finally discovers Ariana in a dingy hotel on a remote tropical island, she’s in desperate straits and he finally gains the upper hand. Of course he will rescue her. His price? They act on the attraction that’s been simmering between them from the very beginning.

But all is not as it seems, and Luke’s sexy bargain turns up not only an unbelievable secret, but Ariana’s reasons for wanting the emeralds. Suddenly, nothing is clear cut anymore, and map or no map, Luke and Ariana are sailing into uncharted territory.

VK Black dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

When people ask me, ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ they usually receive an intelligent, ‘Um…’ in reply. Not so for Unexpected Places. This book, which was a delight to write, started its life as a writing exercise with my writers’ group, Sultry Scribes. From four different piles of pictures, I closed my eyes and picked a gorgeous man in casual gear, a lovely young woman with long blonde hair in a clingy black dress, a job ad for an accountant, and a pair of emerald earrings. With inspiration from two of my favourite movies—Raiders of the Lost Ark and Six Days and Seven Nights—the story of my hot-headed treasure hunters travelling to exotic locations as they battle for possession of priceless emeralds quickly emerged—although there were a few months where Luke and Ariana were stuck on their boat because I didn’t know what to do with them! My research into Sri Lanka has imbued me with a burning desire to go to that country. My heroine, Ariana, cooked the most delicious sounding meals (food always appears in my books), and I’m dying to taste some of her dishes.

You can find out more about this book at VK Black’s website and Escape Publishing.


  1. Jeanie M permalink
    9 November 2014 2:40 pm

    Ooh treasure! Sounds like fun 🙂

    • 16 November 2014 11:05 am

      You’re not wrong, Jeanie M. There was a touch of Romancing the Stone in there too. Another one of my favourite movies.

  2. 8 November 2014 9:39 am

    Thank you so much, Suzi. And you were there that day when we closed our eyes and picked our pictures! Actually, of course you were. We meet at your place. 🙂

  3. 8 November 2014 8:49 am

    Reblogged this on Sultry Scribes and commented:
    Release day via Australian Romance Readers Association for Unexpected Places from V.K. Black, an awesome member of Sultry Scribes and great friend. Congratulations.

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