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Release day: Magic Sometimes Happens

7 November 2014

Today is the official release of Magic Sometimes Happens by Margaret James (paperback and ebook, Choc Lit). Here’s the blurb:

Magic Sometimes HappensPassport to love

London-based PR and promotions consultant Rosie Denham has just spent a year in Paris where she’s tried but failed to fall in love. She’s also made a big mistake and can’t forgive herself.

American IT professor Patrick Riley’s wife has left him for a Mr Wonderful with a cute British accent and a house with a real yard. So Patrick’s not exactly thrilled to meet another Brit who’s visiting Minnesota, even if she’s hot.

Pat and Rosie couldn’t be more different. She’s had a privileged English upbringing. He was raised in poverty in Missouri. Pat has two kids, a job that means the world to him and a wife who might decide she wants her husband back.

So when Pat and Rosie fall in love, the prospects don’t seem bright for them. But magic sometimes happens – right?

Margaret dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

What do you do when you meet a married father of two small children, a man whose home, work and life are four thousand miles away from your own, and who probably isn’t much inclined to like you, anyway? You fall in love with him and get yourself into a whole lot of trouble. My heroine Rosie Denham has already made one bad mistake and then she makes another one. She doesn’t feel she has any right to be loved. Sassy, smart and witty on the outside, apparently without a care in the world, on the inside Rosie is a great big mess. My hero Patrick Riley had a troubled childhood and has worked seriously hard to become what he is today–a full professor of IT at a university in Minnesota. He’s not going to give all that up for an apparently frivolous, fashion-mad British girl who loves to shop and who seems to think the big questions in life are what shade of lipstick looks best on a brunette, and how many varieties of cupcake can there be. Patrick is a deep thinker, an academic and an intellectual, after all, with important conferences to attend and cutting-edge scientific papers to write. When Patrick and Rosie first meet, Patrick’s marriage is in big trouble. Does he want to save his marriage, or not? What about his children? How will they cope if he and his wife divorce? While he’s thinking about all this, he hardly notices he’s falling for Rosie, too. When he does realise, it’s far too late to do anything about it. This novel was partly inspired by a visit to Minnesota in the fall. It’s the time of year when the state is at its most beautiful, all red and gold and yellow with autumn leaves. The skies are a brilliant blue and the air is as clear as crystal. Patrick loves the American classical music of his homeland, and here’s a link to some of the best: Aaron Copland’s Simple Gifts, based on a lovely Shaker melody.

You can find out more about this book at Margaret’s website and buy it at Amazon.


  1. Jeanie M permalink
    9 November 2014 2:47 pm

    Sounds lovely Margaret – congrats!

  2. Margaret permalink
    8 November 2014 12:46 am

    Thank you for inviting me on to the blog today!

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