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Feature book: Deadly Secrets

5 November 2014

Deadly SecretsDeadly Secrets by Sarah Barrie

Jordon Windcroft has grown up on a farm in the small country town of Whitewater Creek. She has done it tough since losing her parents when she was only 19, but she has kept the farm going through some difficult times. Now is her chance to try and stop the bank from foreclosing on the mortgage. She is determined not to lose the farm. As the cattle sales approach, she is busier than ever. Things may have turned out worse except for the help and love and the secrets kept by her friends living in the town. Jordon is on probation for an accident that killed a local, the stepson of ex-judge, Hal Carter, and Hal is not the most trusting or nice person and he wants Jordon’s farm at any cost.

Detective Reid Easton is an undercover police officer and very good at his job. After he lost his sister to drugs when he was 16, he does everything he can to catch the big guys in the drug trade. He has just arrived in Whitewater Creek as Jordon’s stand-in probation officer, trying to crack a big case, and he thinks Jordon may have links to the people he is trying to catch. Reid is determined to question her and get to the bottom of the case.

At their first meeting the sparks fly. Jordon has never seen someone so handsome and hot before, but she is wary as he asks too many questions and is really tough on her, unlike her normal probation officer. The smart banter between them only adds to the standoff between them. Jordon is not what Reid expected; she is tough and strong and has a smart mouth. He is beginning to think there is more to her case than she is saying and he does a lot to try and break her, but she does not give in. The heat between them just gets stronger. Neither should have these feelings when Reid has a major case to crack and Jordon is so close to the end of her probation, but there are secrets that must be kept.

This is a story that is filled with suspense and danger. It is a very sensual and up-and-down romance between Jordon and Reid. The characters in this story enrich it so much and you will be riveted from the first page. As Reid gets closer to the truth, they all learn a lot more about Hal Carter and his workers. When Jordon is being stalked by someone and no one will believe her, it will have you yelling with her. With the climax of the story, it will have you cheering the good guys on and chewing your nails, but determination, true love and the loyalty of Mack, Jordon’s dog, will have you smiling. I loved this one from start to finish and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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  1. Jeanie M permalink
    9 November 2014 2:49 pm

    This does sound good! Thanks for the review Helen.

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