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Feature book: The Summer of Jake

22 October 2014

The Summer of JakeThe Summer of Jake by Rachel Bailey

Annalise Farley is an up-and-coming fashion designer but she needs to get her designs into a store. Life is running as smoothly as it can when one has not got a job and time to design more clothes. She is happy in her unit at Bondi with her pet cat Rover, who thinks he is a dog, and her yellow Mini. Annalise is an only child and feels that she has never come up to scratch in her parents’ eyes. As a teenager she makes a friend for life in Kelly Maxwell and Kelly has a hunk of a brother, Jake. He is a surfer and at the age of 16 Annalise had a major crush on Jake. She spent a lot of time either at the beach watching Jake surf or at Kelly’s home playing lots of music; she was made to feel a part of the loving family by their mum, Eden.

Jake Maxwell is the son to a rock star father and his mother is a singer. At the age of seven his father walked out on them and passed away soon after from the effects of alcohol. Jake is left with lots of pressure to not end up like his Dad and with the media making hints about this, Jake becomes a champion surfer and later a business owner and does really well with his life. He is very close to his mother and sister and has travelled the world but when he decides he wants to hook up with a lady he is acquainted with, he decides that he needs help to change a bit, after all this woman is much more sophisticated than Jake. Of course Jake is not looking for anything permanent in his life.

Annalise is having one of those days when her phone rings and she is really shocked when it is none other than Jake Maxwell who she has not seen in a long while, the last time at his sister’s wedding. When he asks her to help him with catching another woman but is more than willing to help Annalise get some of her designs into his shops what can Annalise say but yes. This starts a fun and very sensual journey.

This story had me hooked from the first page. The banter between Annalise and Jake is so good. Annalise realises the crush she had on Jake at the tender age of 16 is a lot more than a crush, one that has lasted. With Jake trying so hard to not be like his father, there are a few hurdles to overcome and love was never even thought of as part of the plan. With Kelly and Kelly and Jake’s mum, Eden, adding to the story, this is one you will not want to put down. The setting is so good: Bondi Beach, summer and a hunk, what more could you want in a story? Do not miss this one, it is a must read. It will have you smiling, tearing up and cheering them on.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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