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Feature book: Children of the Mist

22 October 2014

Children of the MistChildren of the Mist by Jenny Brigalow

Morven is a feisty young schoolgirl who loves to board with her friend Zest. She is smart, a little cocky and is loved by her parents. Her mother is a diplomat and her father a lecturer at the university. She has a good relationship with both her parents. She’s a bit of a wild child in that she doesn’t suffer fools lightly and tells them so but is not particularly arrogant about it. She has a bit of a compulsion to count things if she’s bored or feeling stressed.

Zest (love the name) is a werewolf. His age is not really established, but he seems to be in his late teens. He is more grown up than Morven, but that could be because he’s been without parents for a while. He lives alone, is street smart, caring and compassionate and seems more socially intelligent than you would expect from a teen boy (no offence meant).

Morven loves being with Zest but doesn’t realise she actually loves Zest until just before she leaves him on her quest to Scotland. Zest does love Morven, as both friend and more, but as she is just turning sixteen he doesn’t tell her, he is gentlemanly and only kisses her when she starts on her solo adventure. The bond between Morven and Zest is clear from the beginning of the story and tendrils of sexual attraction begin to peek out through the book. There are one or two innocent kisses along the way, but more importantly, they have each other’s backs and save each other from peril.

Despite the characters being young—Morven turns sixteen during the course of the book—it was a captivating read. You could really feel the love of boarding (skate boards) and feel the wildness of being that age. I appreciated Morven’s innocent pleasure in things like a new skating shirt and the difficult choice of a new board. The story felt well-paced except perhaps the final few chapters when Morven meets the Scottish part of her family where some of the action felt a little hurried. While there is a thread of romance, this book is about friends and Morven’s transformation to vampire. It was an enjoyable read and a welcome relief from the angst that currently seems to typify young adult novels.

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.




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