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ARRC2015: Pop Quiz, round 2

20 October 2014

Purple QHere are the questions for round 2 of the Pop Quiz:

  1. What approximate age was Sami Lee when her first story was published in a school newsletter?
  2. What is Rachel Bailey‘s favourite season?
  3. Paula Roe‘s novel Promoted to Wife is book two in which series?
  4. What is the address of Tamsin Baker‘s blog?
  5. Hamlet’s Ghost is a prequel to which Jane Tara novel?
  6. In which city was Donna Gallagher born?
  7. Christina Brooke made an unofficial trailer for which of her books?
  8. From which university does Lilliana Rose have a Masters Degree in Creative Writing?
  9. Where was Helene Young on the evening of 22 March 2014?
  10. Which of Margareta Osborn‘s novels appears in the collection Surrender to Summer?

Email your answers to  Each correct answer scores 1 point, with 2 bonus points if your answers are received within 24 hours of the questions being posted. Points will accumulate each week and the winner will be the person with the highest point score after round 20 concludes. The winner will be announced at ARRC2015.

Note that you must be an ARRC2015 delegate or an ARRA member to enter the competition.


And here are the answers for round 1:

  1. In which country did Beverley Eikli grow up? — Lesotho
  2. What did Dee Brice want to be before she became a writer? — An actress
  3. Which Elisabeth Rose book includes the characters Adam and Eve and an orchard called ‘Eden’? — Eve’s Passion
  4. What is the name of Jess Dee‘s dog? — Luigi
  5. Keri Arthur started writing when she rewrote the ending to one of which author’s books? — Elyne Mitchell / Elaine Mitchell
  6. Sylvia Day has contributed recipes to a cookbook edited by Lori Foster. What is the name of that cookbook? — The Write Ingredients
  7. In what year is Kylie Scott’s book Colonist’s Wife set? — 2088
  8. What kind of witch is the heroine of Tracey O’Hara’s novel Sin’s Dark Caress? — A forensic witch
  9. At what age did Michelle Douglas receive her first rejection letter? — Eight
  10. Which Sarah Mayberry novel has an umbrella on the cover? — The Best Laid Plans or More Than One Night

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