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Feature book: She Who Dares

15 October 2014

She Who DaresShe Who Dares by Jane O’Reilly

Nic Sinclair (sounds like a boy doesn’t she?) is good looking but doesn’t know it, growing up in the shadow of her stepsister, Ella, a Barbie-doll perfect, girlie girl. Nic doesn’t have time for fancy clothes, manicures or hair stylists; she loves cars. She’s a brilliant mechanic and restores high-end vintage cars for a living. She and Ella own the business; Nic fixes the cars and Ella runs the showroom and sells the cars.

Sebastian Prince (the jury’s out on whether that should be Prince Charming or not), motor sport champion, gorgeous, ladies’ man and sure of himself, is taking a break from motor racing after a bad accident, a break imposed by team management. The team psychologist, his sister, says he’s not ready to be back on the track even though he wasn’t hurt physically; she says he’s taking fatal risks.

Nic’s always had a thing for Sebastian, ever since before Ella walked up to him at an after-race party and walked away with him as her boyfriend. Now Ella has taken off, sold her half of the car business to Sebastian, and Nic’s worst nightmare is coming true. Sebastian is standing in front of her and doesn’t have a clue who she is AND he’s asking for Ella. Sebastian has no idea who the wild woman with foil in her hair and a plastic cape on is, but she won’t tell him where Ella has gone and he’s angry that a very expensive Corvette belonging to his new (half-share) business is unlocked and parked in front of the showroom instead of in it. Meet cute, it’s not. The sexual tension is high, the confidence levels are fluctuating all over the place and the cars are hot, Ferrari Dino hot. This relationship has trouble written all over it, but surprisingly, it’s a sweet but hot romance with emotional depth—not soul-destroying deep, more deep-end-of-the-pool deep. They both question their views of themselves along the course of their getting to know one another, and both flex their wills to take into account the other.

If you’ve ever gazed at a Ferrari with lust, you’ll enjoy this (dare I use a cliché) high-octane story. OK, that was a bit over the top, but if you have a tomboy tendency or two, you will enjoy the tale of the girl mechanic winning the heart of the sex-on-a-stick race car driver. It’s a fun, quick, one-hundred-page read with a happily ever after—a great beach read.

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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