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Feature book: Losing Kate

15 October 2014

Losing KateLosing Kate by Kylie Kaden

Francesca is thirty, single and lonely. Her job is complicated and emotionally draining, her house a renovator’s nightmare, but at least both help to distract her from the recent debacle that was supposed to be her forever relationship. The old house she brought has enough problems to keep her distracted from the possibility of a life devoid of a husband and children. When the block on her doorstep is put up for auction, she settles in with her friend and neighbour to see who will buy it, only to see a face that has haunted her for the last thirteen years. She has never forgotten Jack Shaw, nor the tragedy that tore them apart, leaving both with unanswered questions about Kate and a shared guilt over the aftermath. Jack had always been part of her life, her other half, until Kate had come into their lives. The tragedy had wrenched them apart and left them with secrets neither could forget. Now he’s back, but he’s still not single and with Kate’s disappearance still posing questions, and doubts, will it be possible for them to find any clear answers and a chance to find happiness?

Jack always seemed to have another girl and yet he couldn’t forget his constant childhood companion. Now his loyalties are torn. When his long-ago connection to her and the tragedy are brought to light, he must try to right the wrongs that have stopped him from being truthful to his family. But is it too late, and does he really want to save his relationship? Is it finally time for him and Fray? But can the rift between him and Fray be healed without knowing what really happened to Kate on that fateful day? And is it too late to try to find out?

Crumbs! I am in awe! Kylie Kaden is a debut author and she has written a really powerful and deeply moving story, one I found hard to put down. I just wanted to opt out for a while and totally immerse myself in the drama unfolding and stay with it until finished. Written in the first person, it alternates between the present and also harks back to childhood days, as well as the time of the tragedy. There is no ‘telling’ in this story. It unfolds. It’s a truly beautiful and very well written story. Loved it! I’m on board the Kylie Kaden fanclub and highly recommend all readers to high tail out and get yourself a copy of this book. Australian author and setting. Very proud fellow Aussie. Oi! Oi! Oi!

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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