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Release day: Haulcon’s Revenge

3 October 2014
Today is the official release of Haulcon’s Revenge by Yvette Hines (ebook, Romance Management Inc). Here’s the blurb:
Haulcon's RevengeUSA Today Bestselling author Yvette Hines brings you a dark paranormal romance…Haulcon has been left to die—without pride or honor. The clan he believed was family, brethren to him, turned out to be vicious thieves. Thieves of life. Now revenge’s blood beats Haulcon’s heart and he will stop at nothing to see those who attempted his murder pay. Resolving the issue of his saving grace, Adair, is a distraction he can’t risk.
Adair Ellis is a wildlife photographer, an explorer of sorts. However, the day she meets Haulcon, her life becomes more of an adventure than she can handle. Everything changes for her when she is drawn into a world so dark and dangerous it seems to rob her of her very being. But, she can’t turn back and she can’t flee the valf that she has become bound to for life.

Yvette dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

Haulcon’s Revenge came to me in a dream one night. The opening scene with Haulcon a few breaths away from death was so vivid and real I ached for him. He was filled with pain, rage and disappointment. When Adair stumbles upon him, she becomes his saviour in so many ways. Adair has been abandoned over and over again in her life and she fears that loving Haulcon will just leave her alone once again. However, even as Haulcon fights against his desire and need of her in his life, because she is a human, he can’t keep away from her. Soon he learns that she becomes the key to his life.

You can find out more about this book at Yvette’s website or buy it Amazon.

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