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Feature book: Lick

24 September 2014

LickLick by Kylie Scott

Waking up in a hotel room with the worst hangover in history and looking up to see the most gorgeous guy ever was not how Evelyn Thomas had planned this big weekend in Vegas. Not remembering anything about it all made it even worse. Then she discovers she’s actually married to aforementioned beautiful man and that he’s a famous rock star, which only adds to the surreal situation in which she finds herself. Unimpressed by David’s fame, embarrassed at her own impetuousness, she heads home, hoping to put the disastrous night behind her. Evelyn soon discovers, however, that it’s not going to be that easy to remain anonymous when she’s married one very well known and loved musician.

David Ferris is a member of the very successful rock group, Stage Dive. He might have married Evelyn after a wild night in Vegas but he is very serious about keeping this marriage real, as Evelyn is the most grounded and beautiful person he has ever met. It’s not going to be easy, and there is so much that they will need to work out logistically, but he wants to stay married and keep Evelyn by his side for always.

It’s amazing how musicians are now providing some of the biggest challenges for love and redemption. A bad boy rock star, prime material to be reformed and saved. Once not even considered the stuff of heroes, now the long-haired, tattooed wild boys of rock are a dream come true for romantics everywhere when they find that special woman who can steady their lives and provide the lodestone for their wandering lifestyle. If one falls in love and swears undying love. Sigh! What a wonderful dream come true. Kylie Scott has taken this gorgeous premise and created the ultimate HEA with a sensible young woman and a bad boy looking for someone who will see him for himself and not the aura of the rock star. It’s a sensitive and sexy pairing and a beautiful story. I can’t wait for more as I just know all four of these bad boys are going to find the love of a wonderful woman who will save them from drifting through life alone. I have joined the thousands of excited readers who want to follow the journey of the Stage Dive band as they each succumb to love. So hand me the next one please. I’m hooked! 🙂

PS. I’m amused and intrigued by the old-fashioned names used in such a modern story. Sweet and innovative move. Well done Kylie.

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher. All ARRA members who leave a comment by 8 October 2104 will go in the draw to win the book. UPDATE: The giveaway is closed. The winner was Helen S.



  1. 25 September 2014 2:26 am

    Excellent review by Rosalie and looks like a must read for me.

  2. helensibbritt permalink
    24 September 2014 8:34 pm

    Great review and I have heard so much about this one I need to read it 🙂

    Have Fun

  3. BellaBookaholic permalink
    24 September 2014 5:25 pm

    I love this book so much! THIS SERIES and love your review. thank you

  4. Amy Faulkner permalink
    24 September 2014 10:25 am

    Stage dive series is awesome. It is additive and makes you crave for more. I read the three books that are out in four day. Took longer then I wanted as that horrible thing called work got in the way. I was lucky enough to meet Kylie in a small group and she is an awesome lady. I must read.

  5. Amanda permalink
    24 September 2014 9:57 am

    awesome book. Can’t wait to read the rest in her series.

  6. Frances H permalink
    24 September 2014 9:36 am

    love this Series i cant wait for thee next one. Great review.

  7. 24 September 2014 9:04 am

    Loved this book. Love this series. Highly recommended. A definite must read.

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