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Feature book: Chaos Bound

17 September 2014

Chaos BoundChaos Bound by Rebekah Turner

Lora Blackgoat is the adopted daughter of Gideon, who owns and runs Blackgoat Watch. She is a Runner working for Gideon and can cast magic and use weapons from The Outlands (normal earth) when others can’t. She walks with a limp and carries a sword cane.

Seth, Captain of the City Watch, is handsome and always there for Lora, watching her back, helping her, putting her back together after her adventures. They enjoyed a friends-with-benefits relationship until Lora found out he hadn’t told her of his suspicions of her heritage, and also that he used to be a hell spawn and had been ejected from The Pit (more or less hell). He’s flexible with the law where Lora is concerned.

Roman is a nephilim (half human/half angel), a Regulator, a Sergeant in the Order of the Guides and commander of a Witch Hunter unit, charged with hunting ‘heretics’ for the Grigori priests. He’s strict, devout and sure of his purpose. His Grigori priest superior has an interest in Lora.

There’s an open triangle type relationship between Lora and Seth and Lora and Roman. She likes both men, Seth has been her rock, is cheeky and is a some-time bed partner whereas Roman believes they are meant to be together along the lines of ‘fated mates’. The relationships play second fiddle to the storyline running through the book (hence urban fantasy rather than paranormal).

Chaos Bound is the second book (Chaos Born the first) of an urban fantasy series with a romance woven through. The books are enjoyable and the wonder is that Lora always gets up, usually after being beaten black and blue, to face off with the bad guys. For those who read UF/PNR, Lora is a blend of the Raine Benares character of Lisa Shearin’s books and Kaylin from the Chronicles of Elantra by Michelle Sagara. My one gripe is the use of the name Marrock for a family in the story. While authors don’t own names, the English name of Marrock (meaning knight thought to be a werewolf) is well established as the title for a significant character in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series. It’s an unusual name and as such its use stands out in this book in a jarring manner.

If you enjoy urban fantasy or a tale that includes magic users, nephilim, demon spawn and various other otherworldly creatures, and don’t mind a little violence and enjoy a good story, you will like these books. Start with Chaos Born; although the story in Chaos Bound stands alone, the first book will give background to Lora’s various relationships.

Reviewed by Gina G

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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    Great review sounds like a good one 🙂

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