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ARRC2015: authors attending

29 August 2014

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Proudly brought to you by Booktopia and eXtasy Books

We are very pleased to announce the authors who will be attending ARRC2015. We currently have 90 authors registered:

Ainslie Paton
Alison Stuart
Alissa Callen
Alli Sinclair
Allison Butler
Alyssa J Montgomery
Amber Bardan
Amy Andrews
Amy Rose Bennett
Angela Castle
Angela Verdenius
Anna Campbell
Anna Clifton
Anne Gracie
Annie West
Barbara Hannay
Beany Sparks
Beverley Eikli
Bronwyn Parry
Cathryn Hein
Cheryl Adnams
Christina Brooke
Dani Kristoff
Danielle Belwater
Dee Brice (US)
Delwyn Jenkins/DJ Michaels
Donna Gallagher
Eden Summers
Elisabeth Rose
Elizabeth Squire
Ellen Cross
Erica Hayes
Erin Moira O’Hara
Fiona Lowe
Fiona McArthur
Hazel Gower
Helene Young
Imogene Nix
Jane Tara
Jennie Jones
Jennifer Brassel
Jennifer Kloester
Jennifer Ryder
Jennifer St George
Jess Buffett
Jess Dee
Joanie MacNeil
Kandy Shepherd
Kaz Delaney
Kelley Armstrong (Canada)
Kelly Hunter
Keri Arthur
Khloe Wren
Kirsty Dallas
Kylie Scott
Lexxie Couper
Lilliana Rose
Lisa Ireland
Louisa Mack
Maggi Andersen
Maggie Gilbert
Maggie Mundy
Margareta Osborn
Melanie Milburne
Melanie/MJ Scott
Michelle Douglas
Nalini Singh (NZ)
Nicole Murphy/Elizabeth Dunk
Nikki Logan*
Noelle Clark
Paula Roe
Priscilla Brown
Rachael Johns
Rachel Bailey
Rhian Cahill
Sami Lee
Sarah Mayberry
SE Gilchrist
Shannon Curtis
Shona Husk
Sofia Tate (US)
Susan Child
Suzi Love
Sylvia Day (US)
Tamsin Baker
TM Clark
Tracey O’Hara
Trish Morey
Valerie Parv
Victoria Dahl (US)
Viola Grace/Zenina Masters (Canada)
Viveka Portman
VK Black
Wendy L Curtis


Anna Teshin
Avril Tremayne
Cassandra Samuels
CJ Duggan
Colleen Simpson

Isabella Hargreaves
Lauren K McKellar*
Lee Christine
KM Golland

Melissa Craig
Rhyll Biest
TJ Hamilton
Viola Carr

*signing only


Registration will open on 1 September. If you would like further details, you can find more information on our website, or download the registration brochure from here.

We are currently at work on the program. A draft outline is available in the registration brochure, and the full program will be launched online soon.

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