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Feature book: Silk and Scandal

2 July 2014

Silk and ScandalSilk and Scandal by Cassandra Dean

This novella is 55 pages.

Scandal seems to follow Lady Nicola Fitzgibbons wherever she goes in the world. She is the daughter of a diplomat and travels with her father. In all the places he is stationed, she attracts men who would duel over her or compromise her and create a scandal. She has her faithful friend at home with whom she corresponds. There is many a time she is frustrated by her friend’s lack of response or the time it takes for him to reply. She arrives back in England to find that the relationship has changed and Thomas has been distancing himself from her but not for the reasons she thinks.

Thomas Cartwright has been corresponding with Nicola while she travelled with her father. As he has furthered his studies in law, he realises that his relationship with Nicola needs to change as she is the daughter of one of England’s most respected diplomats, and Thomas needs to keep his reputation spotless. He can’t have the scandal touch him.

As Thomas is trying to distance himself from Nicola, she tries to pull him closer and crashes through his barriers. Thomas is unsure what he can do with Nicola. After one event where she is able to introduce him to the powerbrokers, Thomas realises how much he needs Nicola’s insights in his job and also that he needs her much more as his life partner.

This story starts with letters and ends with notes as their relationship progresses. The letters start in mostly a serious tone and with a certain amount of establishing of parameters and then the distance between them. The last notes show the closeness and the emotions of the couple and are done with humour. This is an enjoyable story and done slightly differently, which adds to its enjoyability.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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