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Feature book: Groomed for Murder

21 May 2014

 Groomed for MurderGroomed for Murder by Zoe Dawson

Brooke Palmer is estranged from her parents but loved by her friends and feels like the friendships are falling apart as the girls find partners, especially with Cassie getting married soon. She runs a successful dog grooming business called Pawlish and has an old English bulldog called Roscoe. Brooke is thinking about branching out into health treats for dogs. She is always doing nice things for others and is loved by her staff. Brooke has a run-in with super-spoilt, super-bitch Kristen Wright-Davis.

Drew Hudson is a successful lawyer, he’s a corporate shark in acquisitions and mergers in a firm run by Kristen Wright-Davis’s husband, Roger, who is making him jump through hoops to compete for a partnership in the law firm. Drew has a younger sister Emma, whom he has been looking after since their parents were killed in a car crash when Drew was just finishing college. Drew is blonde, curly haired, hard muscled and described by Brooke as a smooth, charming devil.

The story sees Drew meeting Brooke over Kristen’s lawsuit about the show cut given to her poodle Mimi, by one of Brooke’s dog groomers. Kristen’s husband Roger says that Drew can have the partnership in the firm if he can get Brooke to settle Kristen’s suit out of court. Even though Brooke believes Drew is trying to convince her to sack her groomer and pay damages to Kristen, she is drawn to him. She wants someone to put her first and love her. They have a series of ups and downs, some misunderstandings, some spectacular (for them) sex and fall in love, but then Kristen dies and Drew and Brooke have to face their differences, life choices and a murder trial.

The author does a great job of setting up Brooke’s character, and to a lesser degree Drew’s. The background scenery to the relationship, the ‘murder’, doesn’t happen until halfway through the book. This part of the story is rushed and glossed over in comparison to the set-up, and there’s an out-of-the-blue save by Brooke. I felt the major sticking point between Brooke and Drew about his job was out of character considering Brooke is such a giving person and there wasn’t much give and take on that topic. However, if you are a dog fancier, this book is an ode to the love between Brooke and her bulldog Roscoe and also in passing to the sublime joy of that thing called bacon.

Reviewed by Gina

A copy of this book was provided by the author.

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