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Feature book: Slammed

16 April 2014

SlammedSlammed by Colleen Hoover

When Layken’s mother suddenly announces the family is moving from Texas to Michigan, Layken is left confused and angry. It’s only been a few months since her father died and to find they need to move away from the only home she and her brother have known, to such a distant and different location, only adds to her heartbreak. She dreads starting a new school in her senior year. First impressions of her new home are not good, but second impressions, in the form of the sexy guy standing in her driveway, have Layken wondering if maybe it’s not so bad after all. When he speaks and smiles, Layken is won over. Ypsilanti, Michigan is looking very good indeed. And Will looks even better.

Will Cooper is blown away by the gorgeous girl manoeuvring the large van into the driveway with confidence and aplomb. He can’t help but introduce himself and immediately ask her out. There’s an instant connection and for the first time in years, Will is going to allow himself some time to get to know a girl, this amazing girl.

But that promising start for both of them is brought to a sudden halt within a few days when they make a devastating discovery. Instead of looking forward to a bright and wonderful future, both must find ways of ignoring the attraction and getting on with separate lives. But too many other factors are making this impossible and with the help of Will’s passion for slam poetry and a shared love of a particular music band, the pain and agony of tragedy might just be what it takes to bring them together after all.

This is no lightweight love story and it draws you in from the first page. It’s not just the courage of these two people, but the realness of their connection. And did I mention how beautifully written it is? Plus, an obvious talent for slam poetry from the author? A very, very talented writer.

Loved it! I am so inspired by the slam poetry! I wanted to join in and give it a try, to be young again and express the angst in such a creative way. I love how the author has used and blended the phenomenon of this public outlet to enhance the story. I also dearly loved Eddie. What an amazing friend Layken has in her. I’m hooked and, luckily, have more of this series to indulge in. I’m in for the long haul with these two and, hopefully, more slam poetry. 🙂

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

  1. Barbara permalink
    16 April 2014 9:18 pm

    This sounds an interesting book.. Thanks for the review Rosalie

  2. 16 April 2014 9:57 am

    Still haven’t got to this one but it’s there waiting for me 🙂

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