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Feature book: Seducing Phoebe

16 April 2014

Seducing PhoebeSeducing Phoebe by Nicole Flockton

Phoebe Fitzgerald has had a pretty bad life, feeling unloved and being left by anyone that she loved, including her parents and the neighbour who took her in. But she has worked hard and is a nurse in the emergency department, and she has some great friends. Phoebe is engaged to be married to a wonderful man but she can’t help thinking that all is not what it should be. Oh, the sex is awesome but they don’t seem to have fun. She doesn’t laugh like she did with John (her ex). She has always made jokes of things and this is what has kept her going. When her ex walks back into her life after walking out, this really has her mind turning over, so much so that she calls off the engagement.

Marco Petronelli has been burned badly by love and made a fool of, so falling in love is not what he wants. He is an architect and very good at his job, but there are things in his past that he doesn’t speak about and only his closest friend, Alex, knows about them. When he meets Phoebe at the marriage of his best friend, he is drawn to her but she is in a relationship with someone that Marco feels is not good for her; he bides his time and waits. When Phoebe is free again, Marco steps in. Their relationship is strong; the compatibility between them will make it all work out. But when Phoebe breaks the engagement, Marco is determined to win her back.

Phoebe needs time to think everything through and takes a trip up the coast to be alone. She is over her ex stalking her and she doesn’t like hurting Marco. She also knows there is something Marco is holding back from her, and that she is keeping secrets from Marco. If this relationship is to succeed they need to be honest and open with each other. But Marco is not going to let go of Phoebe that easily and finds out where she is and shows up on her doorstep, much to Phoebe’s displeasure. How is she to think with Marco around? Just his touch does things to her, but she needs to think a happy marriage can’t just be about the sex. Their relationship is a good one and he needs her in his life; he is not in love with her, but he sets about seducing Phoebe.

This is such a great story. They really need to overcome things that have happened in their pasts and learn to tell each other about them. Both are determined people and opening up about their hurts is hard, but with strength and their love for each other getting stronger they get there. This one is emotional and heartwarming as they learn to trust each other and when exes and work and friends get involved, it moves you. This is a story you should read.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. Barbara permalink
    16 April 2014 9:17 pm

    This sounds another good book ..thanks for the review Helen

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