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Feature book: Mango Kisses

19 March 2014

Mango KissesMango Kisses by Elisabeth Rose

Tiffany Holland is a chartered accountant and financial adviser and is working hard to be made junior partner. She loves her job and thrives on numbers. Her father has drummed it into her all of her life, make something of yourself in business and work hard and that is what she has always done. Her life is pretty boring. She has had a few boyfriends over the years but nothing serious; her work is always more important. But when her boss asks Tiffany to call into the little seaside town of Birrigai on her way up the coast for the holidays, to assess a deceased estate, Tiffany is more than happy to do it. Her best friend Marianne is full of passion and is always getting the good-looking guys and trying to coax Tiffany to enjoy life more. Although Tiffany does agree with Marianne to a certain degree, she finds it very hard to change her ways; she never gets the guy.

Miles Frobisher runs the local surf shop in Birrigai and is very content with his life. He grew up with his mother after his father left when he was young and never helped them in any way. His mother has just recently passed away and now his father has as well and has left his estate to Miles. Miles wants nothing to do with it but when the lawyer says that he really needs to get a professional in to look through all the paperwork, he relents and gets in touch with an accountancy firm and asks someone to come and sort through the papers.

When Tiffany arrives in the little town and tries to get in touch with her client, she is thwarted every time, so she has a good look around the town and decides to start her holiday and hope to meet Miles Frobisher soon. The town is beautiful, with lovely shops and beach, and the local motel is clean and tidy, although the manager is a bit standoffish. She likes to keep fit and runs along the beach where Miles is swimming and notices this lovely newcomer and is attracted instantly. When Tiffany goes into his shop later, Tiffany is also attracted to Miles but hey no one ever is interested in Tiffany, she is never noticed. While looking through pamphlets on what is available in the town, Tiffany notices that there is a kissing college. This should be good, ‘learn the art of kissing and giving and receiving pleasure’ Tiffany decides to give it a go as no one will ever know.

Miles is begged to help out at the kissing college so that Fiorella can have even numbers. Miles gives in hoping that the newcomer is one of the students booked in for the day. At the college Tiffany and Miles don’t use their own names. The day turns out to be very good but leaves them both wanting more. Learning to kiss, and cleaning mango and strawberry off each other, is very sensual. Both Miles and Tiffany have a lot to overcome before they get to their HEA. With some wonderful characters from the town adding to the story and Tiffany’s girlfriend Marianne arriving to add to the conflict, this is a great story. The setting is just wonderful and it kept me turning the pages, especially as Tiffany comes to terms with her feelings.

Reviewed by Helen S

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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