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Feature book: The Path

5 March 2014

The PathThe Path by HK Savage

Cassie is a witch trying to find her balance. She has both mixed blood and powers. She can’t quite do what she should be able to and controls herself strictly, trying to meet the expectations of Veritas, the organisation that employs her. She is part of an investigation team, consisting of three trained witches, who police their kind, stopping them from using black magick and also protecting them from persecution by ‘regulars’ (non-magick-using people). Her partners are Julia Deartes, a fifty-plus Creole witch whose power is persuasion/influence and Quan Long, a Chinese water witch.

Drew is a witch but doesn’t realise it. He’s the front-of-house man in the club and restaurant he owns with his brother Brandon. Their parents died when Drew was about twelve and although he had a wild streak when he was about eighteen, he is now laid-back, smooth and can generally charm anyone, male or female. Although he’s part owner of the club, he tends to fly under the radar, sliding through the rooms, cooling angry customers and ensuring people and things run smoothly.

The story charts Cassie’s search to control her magick, her relationship with Drew and her investigation into Terry Pritchard, a self-styled cult leader and witch, who professes he’s ridding the world of demons (other witches), although he’s just eliminating what he sees as the competition. Along the way, Cassie has the eureka moment her fellow investigators have been waiting for and learns to channel her earth and water powers. Her relationship with Drew is complicated as he’s afraid to love her, believing he’ll only lose her, like he did his parents, and she is concerned about getting involved with the brother of someone she might be investigating. She is also worried her feelings for him are a result of his untrained persuasion powers.

Cassie is the hero of this book and although she is gentle natured, she can look after herself and has a backbone of steel. I generally prefer alpha males, but Drew as a beta is interesting in his struggles and you want him to succeed with Cassie. The book is a little long at about 380 pages, not annoyingly so, but the middle portion could have been shorter. If you are bothered by creepy cult leaders initiating sex magick, drugs that incite people to violence and stomach-churning olfactory descriptions of murder, this book is not for you; otherwise it is a solid start to an urban fantasy series about witches.

Reviewed by Gina

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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