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Feature book: Temptation

1 January 2014

TemptationTemptation by Kathryn Barrett

Laura Hayes is a Hollywood actress. Having been in the business since childhood, she is used to the attention that garners. She also has an overbearing mother and a grasping ex-husband. Laura escapes to a small Amish town named Serenity, where her next film will be located, in order to prepare for her role of an Amish woman named Hannah. The role is a controversial one as Laura will portray a woman whose husband is unable to give her children, so ‘Hannah’ falls pregnant to their farmhand. The shoot will be a long one, and Laura is looking forward to six months of escape from her Hollywood life. Laura feels she has no sense of purpose and is attracted to the simplicity of the Amish culture.

Laura admires the work of a local furniture craftsman and wants to buy a cradle for her sister. She visits the workshop of this Amish man, Jacob Hostetler. Jacob is a widower with a young son, Daniel. Jacob takes great joy from making furniture but chafes at the restrictions laid down by his Amish community in terms of his designs and longs to create freely. His mother, Rachel, is desperately trying to encourage Jacob to remarry as she is getting older and she also thinks that Daniel needs a ‘mother’.

The Amish community feels misrepresented by Hollywood movies and refuses to participate in the making of the upcoming film. Once the Amish discover that Laura is involved, they also refuse to have anything to do with her. Laura needs to learn how to drive a buggy for her role but can’t find anyone to teach her.

Jacob relents and teaches Laura. He is attracted to her but knows that any involvement will result in the ‘Meidung’, which means he will be shunned by his community. Despite this, he can’t stay away. He worries that Laura has a romanticised view of the Amish way of life. Laura respects Jacob and realises she is not being fair to him by constantly tempting him.

Temptation is a story about two people from very diverse backgrounds. Despite this, they fall in love and have to find a compromise in terms of their lifestyles so that their relationship can have a future.

Reviewed by Nicola S

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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    1 January 2014 8:15 pm

    Sounds good 🙂

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