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ARRC2013: audio CD on sale

25 November 2013

ARRC2013 screenWe are very happy to announce that we are now taking orders for the audio CD from ARRC2013.

This CD is a little different from last year: it features all of the keynote speakers–Rachel Vincent, Anne Gracie and Kristan Higgins–and then as a bonus includes the two book launches, plus recordings from half of the panel sessions. It will even include an electronic copy of the handbook from the convention–if you weren’t there you can feel like you were!

The CD will cost $12 for members and $17 for non-members. Postage and handling will be $2 per CD.

You can download the order form here. (The form can be filled in electronically and emailed back.)

ProgramWe have set up an splash screen on the CD. If your computer is set up to autostart CDs this screen will automatically appear when you insert the CD. You can then open an interactive version of the program–you can click on each session to see more information, or to click through to the audio recording (where available).

The CD includes the following recordings:

Keynote – Rachel Vincent
Keynote – Anne Gracie
Keynote – Kristan Higgins
Book launch – Kristan Higgins
Book launch – Nikki Logan
Panel 1a – Paranormal
Panel 1d – The Romance Hour (part 1)
Panel 2c – Historical
Panel 3b – Romantic suspense
Panel 3c – The Romance Hour (part 2)
Panel 4a – Continuing series
Panel 4b – Category romance

We are just finishing up the artwork for the CD and then it will go for duplication. We expect to start mailing out the CDs in early December.

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