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Publisher pitch: Steam eReads, Nov 2013

22 October 2013

Steam eReads_200November is finally almost here and with it comes the long awaited release of the four books that were the finalists in the Steam eReads ‘Some Like It Hot’ romantic fiction competition. The competition ran from February to June earlier this year and attracted a vast number of entries from around the world.

Judging was a very difficult (but enjoyable!) task as the standard of entries was so high, but finally after much deliberation, our winners were selected. Their books will be released throughout November starting with our first place winner Tarion Keelan and his heart warming (and heart wrenching!) novel Dancing with the Daffodils.

Awarding second place provided us with more of a challenge and we were unable to choose between two outstanding historical novels. In the end we had to award joint second place to The Chevalier by Jacqueline Seewald and The Persuasion of Miss Jane Brody by Isabella Hargreaves.

Third place went to Prudence and the Might Flynn by Sarah Evans, a contemporary romance set in the ever popular Australian outback.

We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did.

Dancing with the Daffodils by Tarion Keelan

Dancing with the DaffodilsVal, an English teacher, takes an exchange position in Australia to recover from the death of his lover. He stages Romeo and Juliet at his school, and becomes close friends with Anna, the head teacher. Oliver (who plays Romeo) falls in love with Val, and although the feeling is mutual, because of his position Val cannot allow the relationship to develop

Val struggles with his feelings, unable to come to terms with Oliver’s youthful seductive ways, and unable to reconcile his heartache over David’s death with his developing affection for Oliver, which he must reject both internally and externally. And at the same time he must make a life for himself in a country far from his friends and the world he knows. How do you decide between love and duty?

The Chevalier by Jacqueline Seewald

The ChevalierA sensual historical romance set in England and the Scottish Highlands in 1745 at the time of the second Jacobite Rebellion.

Madeline: young, romantic, passionate and impulsive, and Gareth: world weary and cynical, are the heroine and hero.

Politically, they are on opposite sides, yet there is a strong and immediate attraction between them.

Try as hard as they might, their overwhelming passion for each other cannot be denied.

The Persuasion of Miss Jane Brody by Isabella Hargreaves

The Persuasion of Miss Jane BrodyJonathan Everslie, Marquis of Dalton knows he must marry soon to provide an heir who can take care of his large family.

His Aunt has already written a list of suitable ladies for Jonathan’s attention.

Miss Jane Brody, daughter of a clergyman, is not on that list.

As a member of an educated and intellectual family who advocates the rights of women, Jane struggles to retain her principles as she finds herself falling for Jonathan.

Prudence and the Mighty Flynn by Sarah Evans

Prudence and the Mighty FlynnPrudence Stark, dumped a week before her wedding because her fiancé reckons she’s boring, decides to turn her humdrum world upside down and live adventurously—-trying all the things she’s always been too shy, too sensible or too chicken to do. She leaves her job as a kindy teacher in England to fly to the great Australian outback where she meets gorgeous cattle station owner and commitment-phobe, Flynn Maguire.

You can find more information about our prize winners, new releases and other quality titles at our website:

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