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Feature book: Sex, Lies and Bonsai

12 June 2013

Sex, Lies and BonsaiSex, Lies and Bonsai by Lisa Walker

Already suffering a major inferiority complex, Edie is left floundering, doubting her self-worth even more, when she is unceremoniously dumped by a succinct, vague text message. Unsure what to do with her life, she heads home. In a fit of pique, she grabs the bonsai, the one gift she had given Daniel that he had loved and lavished with attention. But going home only re-enforces all the feelings of inadequacy she has never been able to surmount. Her father, a former Australian surf champion has always hoped Edie would follow in his path. Edie doesn’t like going in water, let alone surfing, but she can’t think of anywhere else to go. At least her best friend, Sally, is there, ready and eager to advance her new career as a life-coach, using Edie as her launching pad. What ensues is a funny, quirky and occasionally heart-breaking tale as Edie comes to terms with her own skills and talents. She tries a career as an erotic writer to assuage the lust she has for the professor for whom she draws crab larvae, and getting to know a would-be musician with his own family problems. And it’s the bonsai that she talks to, the one connection she still has to Daniel, trying to excuse her neglect for the plant and blaming it for her breakup.

Sounds strange? Not at all.

On the way to finding her own inner strengths and talents, is a really enjoyable tale, full of laugh out loud moments (and I did ) and a very satisfying story. Told in first person, present tense, this is a beautifully written, well-edited story set in northern New South Wales. Featuring a cast of well-drawn, colourful characters, this book is a delight from start to finish, an absolute reading pleasure. I thoroughly recommend this book and will be putting this author on my auto-buy list. If she writes it, I’ll read it.

Now to chase up her first novel.

Reviewed by Rosalie

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

  1. aimskye permalink
    23 June 2013 5:47 pm

    Great review Rosalie!

  2. helensibbritt permalink
    12 June 2013 8:52 pm

    sounds really good great review Rosalie

    Have fun

  3. 12 June 2013 7:43 pm

    Thanks Rosalie! So glad you bonded with Edie and her bonsai. xx

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