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Feature book: Elm Tree Road

20 February 2013

Elm Tree RoadElm Tree Road by Anna Jacobs

At the beginning of the Wiltshire Girls Saga in Cherry Tree Lane the Fuller sisters ran away from their father’s home and split up. Nell and Irene Fuller left with Cliff Greenhill who Nell was pregnant to. Early in their journey, Nell begins to question if she has made the correct choice, as Cliff’s behaviour towards her changes. Cliff finds a job and with some assistance from a Minister and his congregation they set up a house.

Irene finds a job and pays board to her sister who is now struggling to manage the finances as Cliff seems more inclined to drinking them away. When Nell gives birth to her daughter, Sarah, she is delighted and Cliff is angry he hasn’t received an heir. Their relationship continues to deteriorate as Irene moves to London to follow a job opportunity. When a leaking stove causes a gas explosion at their home, Cliff and Sarah are killed, which shatters Nell. The Minister and his family support her as she attempts to deal with the aftermath and the anger that is directed towards her from the Greenhill family, particularly from Cliff’s cousin, Frank.

She is shocked to find that Cliff had saved 300 pounds and had a life insurance policy for both of them worth 1000 pounds. She then decides to go on a hiking holiday by herself and explore the country. At the beginning of her trek she just misses Frank, who has heard about the life insurance and has decided that it should go to Cliff’s family. As she travels she begins to heal and after spending time with a group of gypsies she begins to look forward.

She then accepts a lift to Elm Tree Road, after remembering one of the gypsies saying her journey would end there. Nell meets Hugh Easton and his niece May there, and becomes their housekeeper. Nell makes contact with the Greenhills, hoping to see if her sister, Mattie, has made contact, but is told to leave. Nell then finds out that Mattie is living not very far away and Hugh declares his love for her, asking her to marry him. Is Nell to get her happily ever after or will Frank Greenhill ruin it? Ms Jacobs’s story features a very strong heroine who constantly fights for herself and for those she loves. This is a great follow-on story from Cherry Tree Lane.

reviewed by Tracey T

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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