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ARRC2013: Concurrent session 4B

16 February 2013

arrc2013_webbanner_darkAs part of our series on the concurrent session at ARRC2013, today we are talking about session 4B–Category romance.

In this session our authors will be discussing aspects of category romance. In the first segment we will be discovering the new lines and the publishers who are producing new lines. The second part it will be challenge to the panel: can they come up with a new definition of what constitutes a category romance?

Part 1–Have you read a traditional category romance? What imprints do you like? Why are the publishers bringing back the old titles again, especially those early releases from now very well known authors? What new lines are available and why do the publishers always change a good imprint?

Part 2–There has been much discussion around what is a ‘category’ romance and what is not? At one time it used to be fairly straight forward, but with the advent of new publishers, publishing formats and enovellas the definition is not as clear cut any more.  So what constitutes a category romance? Is it the publisher? Is it word length? What is the impact this will have on award category definitions? Can this session come to agreement on what constitutes a category romance and can they come up with a working definition?

The panellists

>> Part 1–Category shake-up

Conc 4b_part1

Amy Andrews is the best-selling, award-winning author of more than 30 category romance novels for both Harlequin and, most recently, Entangled. She also writes contemporary fiction with some laughing and loving for HarperCollins Australia. She has sold over a million books and won the prestigious Ruby in 2010 for best sexy romance. Amy lives in Brisbane.

Kelly Hunter was born in Australia and hit the road early in life; she has never regretted it. She’s been a breakfast cook in Vancouver and a sheep herder in Wales, a station hand in the outback and a research scientist in Malaysia.  She considers culture shock a gift and loves incorporating her experiences into the stories she writes. Stay a day, see a landmark. Stay a week, find the good food. Stay a year, discover the heart. Kelly writes for Harlequin’s new KISS imprint, for Destiny Australia, and for Entangled Publishing and loves writing to the short category form.

Nikki Logan is author of fifteen contemporary ‘sweet’ category Harlequin Romances and one romantic suspense with Entangled’s Dead Sexy line. All her books are ‘nature-based’ in that they have an element of wilderness or wildlife in them. In 2011, she was nominated for ARRAs Best Category Romance and RT Reviewer’s Choice. Nikki lives and writes in Perth, Western Australia.

Haylee Nash has long enjoyed reading romance and put her research to good use in her thesis, Constant Craving: A Polemics of Reading and Desire in Mills & Boon. Now, after 15 years of reading and raving about romance, Haylee is Publishing Manager at Harlequin Enterprises Australia. Haylee is responsible for the Mills & Boon, Mira and Harlequin Teen imprints in the Australian market and is proud to publish talented local authors such as Fiona McCallum, Rachael Johns and Isolde Martyn. Haylee is always on the look out to acquire fresh and exciting new voices in fiction and non-fiction for adults and children–so don’t be scared to come up to her and pitch your story!

>> Part 2–When is a category not a category?

Conc 4b_part2

Annie West is the author of 18 contemporary romances, mostly published in the Mills and Boon ‘Sexy’ category. She’s a USA Today bestselling author, winner of a 2012 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award and has been a finalist in ARRA book awards. Annie lives at Lake Macquarie on the New South Wales coast.

Fiona McArthur is the author of more than 20 medical romances for Mills & Boon. She adores weaving real life into her love stories and has enormous respect for women and of course loves a happy ending. Writing romance has given Fiona wonderful friends and the chance to see places she had always wanted to see, often in the company of other women who have a second life too. But mostly she just loves writing about how amazing women are and hearing how her stories have touched or helped someone through their day. It’s a fabulous privilege. Fiona’s next book is The Prince Who Charmed Her, due out in April.

Paula Roe is the author of seven category romances with Harlequin Desire and a novella with TWC Press, a two-time ARRA winner and an RWA Romantic Book of the Year finalist.  Paula lives west of Sydney.

Sarah Fairhall is a long-time romance reader who joined Penguin in 2007.  Following roles in business development, then in contracts, Sarah was spirited into the Penguin Development Program, working across different divisions, including sales, marketing and finally, publishing. Sarah is now a Commissioning Editor in the adult publishing division and spends her time reading–and acquiring–romances. She and colleague, Carol George, are the team behind Destiny Romance, Penguin’s digital-first romance imprint.

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