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ARRC2013: Readers Challenge, Round 6

4 February 2013

The sixth and final round of the Readers Challenge ended yesterday. The entries for this round are shown below.

With the competition now closed, you will have to wait until the Awards Dinner at ARRC2013 to find out who the winner is 🙂

Here are the entries for this round:

Defying Her Desert DutyDefying her Desert Duties by Annie West (category)
read by Barbara

Soraya Karim was studying and working in Paris but had been promised to the Emir Hussein back in her home country of Bakhara 10 years earlier and it was understood she would eventually go back to marry him. Zahir El Hashem had been sent by the Emir to fetch her home for the marriage but Soraya managed to talk him in to letting her take a road trip back instead of flying direct, the Emir agreed as long as Zahir was her bodyguard.

Betrothed to the EnemyBetrothed to the Enemy by HC Brown (erotic)
read by Barbara

Lady Angela of Parr, a Saxon, was summoned along with all other unwed and widowed women to London to the new King of England, a Norman, to be wedded to his knights as payment for winning. She is to be given to an old disgusting knight but she meets Sir Damien de Anesi when she is wandering the castle and secretly meets him.


Caitlyn's HeroCaitlin’s Hero by Donna Gallagher (contemporary)
read by Barbara

Caitlin Walters was at university when her mother and step-father died and she had to give up uni to look after her younger brother, Riley, who she took to the swimming squad at the local pool. While there the local rugby club where doing after-match training and Brodie James saw her but didn’t really talk to her until he organised a charity dinner at the local cafe where Caitlin sang.

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  1. aimskye permalink
    6 February 2013 11:38 am

    Great work Barbara!


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