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ARRC2013: Nikki Logan book launch

4 February 2013

Nikki LoganWhy romance heroes are like a box of chocolates…

God, men are fabulous, aren’t they? So many different features, so many different attitudes and talents and challenges and *cough* benefits. Combined, they’d make a cracking chocolate selection.

But, just like chocolates there are some types of romance heroes I seek out, some I’m very happy to discover, some I leave ‘til last to savour and some I don’t touch at all [I’m like a cat with a furball if a Cherry Ripe or a very, very alpha hero falls in my lap]. If someone secretly filmed me glomming a box of Cadbury Favourites [please God-of-YouTube let it never be so] I reckon they’d notice a distinct pattern to my preference.

And so with men.

With the publication of my 15th book upon me, I believe I can finally say I’ve written enough heroes, now, to begin to winkle out what it is that I value most in a hero and, thus, a man. Because while I go out of my way to ensure that each and every hero gets his own personality on the page and while I even try and write consecutive heroes that are vastly different from each other for my own sake as much as my readers’, my male characters (and probably my female) have certain traits in common. And those are very telling. Because I suspect they’ll be the same things that I value in life.

So I polled what I know of my last fifteen heroes and charted the results.

Nikki's chart

Every single one of my fifteen heroes is:

  • Ethical–they have strong values and they act according to them
  • Proficient–they’re really good at what they do (regardless of what that is)
  • Charismatic–something about them is impossible to ignore. Or to forget.
  • Intelligent–these are bright, switched on men (book smarts or street smarts)

This absolutely fits with my own values system. Nothing draws me more than an ethical man who is super-good at something, and who’s charisma is as sexy as his enormous brain.

My results show most of my fictional men are loyal, compassionate, courageous, care about (or are motivated by) their families and are financially secure at a minimum. All of those would be pretty high on my perfect man list. Interestingly, most also carry some kind of emotional or physical battle scars. I’m going to assume I don’t have a secret yearning for a masochists, here, but rather translate them as men who’ve believed passionately in something—a woman, a sibling, a country, a cause—enough to get physically or emotionally hurt. And, yeah, the ability to be passionate about…something, anything…is an important marker.

Virtually all my heroes passed the ‘must be kind to bunnies’ criteria which shouldn’t surprise anyone when the compassion rating is so high and when you consider the kinds of stories I write. I think I’d really struggle to write a hero who couldn’t find it in himself to be kind to creatures.

Clearly I think there’s something very appealing about a man who could keep me alive on a desert island because just over half identify as ‘capable’. As in MacGyver kind of capable. But lord help me if any of them have Richard Dean Anderson’s hair. Despite my mullet-hating ways, though, it seems I’m not overly fussed if they’re not pin-up boy hot as long as they’ve got that strong streak of charisma going on. And it looks like my subconscious favours bad-boys of one kind or another, too.

And so … to ARRC

Ex_AustAt the coming Australian Romance Readers Convention [yay!] I’ll be launching two very different heroes into the Australian marketplace via one book. One is a selfless, wildlife-loving family man who hangs out in the wilds of Tasmania rescuing damsels in distress. The other is a world-weary corporate loner type from London who’s buried himself in work as a way of keeping people at an emotional distance. Very different men, very different conflicts, very different stories. Both rich with very loveable traits.

In a first for me, these will be coming out in Australia under the ‘Sexy’ banner. I’m excited to see my own sensual stories alongside all the sizzling glamour and appeal of the Sexy brand.

So at ARRC I’ll be doing the whole Harry Potter sorting hat thing and separating you into Team Zander, Team Sam and Team Undecided. And I’ll be circulating Nikki Logan books to give you all a chance to meet one of my lovely, loveable men.

It’s going to be fast, furious and fun and I’m really excited to see everyone there.

So… who’s going to ARRC? Who recognises some of those traits as being high on your own must-list and what kind of hero do you love best?

  1. 8 February 2013 7:28 pm

    Like the sound of your books and will see you at ARRC

  2. aimskye permalink
    6 February 2013 11:39 am

    Congrats on you launch! Sounds like it will be heaps of fun!


  3. 5 February 2013 10:45 pm

    PS: Congrats on your first Sexy line novel, Nikki!

  4. 5 February 2013 10:45 pm

    Ooh! Pick me for the Harry Potter sorting hat! Pick me! Team Zander. Team Sam. Hmmm…

  5. 5 February 2013 8:55 am

    Your new Sexy line stories sound wonderful. Can’t wait to see you here for the ARR Convention. We’re going to have sooooo much fun.

  6. 4 February 2013 10:49 am

    Hi Louise – thank you. It was *such* an interesting exercise because some thigns which I imagined would chart really high didn’t so much (eg: gentleness) but I figure it’s just like picking Mr Right in real life. You’re not going to get everything in one man so you trade off the peripheral stuff for the deal-breakers.

  7. 4 February 2013 9:13 am

    Love how you’ve charted the your hero’s character traits. All the best with your venture into the Sexy line. I’m sure you’ll do well 🙂

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