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Release day: The Dark Rose

11 September 2012

Today is the official release of The Dark Rose by Denise Rossetti (ebook, Berkley Intermix). Here’s the blurb:

Duty and passion are a dangerous combination in the paranormal world of Denise Rossetti, author of Thief of Light and The Lone Warrior

Rosarina of the Garden is the most famed—and desired—courtesan of her time. She is also a spy, the heir-apparent of Caracole’s Spymaster, sent on a deadly mission to Green IV. She cannot afford to trust anyone, least of all a man with his own agenda—and the ability to crack her cool composure.

Technomage Quintus is on Green IV to repair the great Machine that keeps the planet habitable. He doesn’t expect to encounter the Dark Rose again, but he’s determined to make the most of it. She’ll be a most pleasing lover… once he convinces her to accept his offer.

But there is more in play on Green IV than either know. The Necromancer is waiting for the perfect moment to exact his revenge. If Rose and Quin cannot learn to trust each other then the Necromancer will rule—and even love won’t be enough to save them.

Denise dropped by today to tell us about this book:

The Dark Rose is the culmination of the Four-Sided Pentacle series, the end of a cosmic battle between good and evil–talk about high stakes! I had a ton of fun with it. *grin* The book is set on the world of Green IV, where a skewed version of Regency Ireland meets science fiction–with a dash of steampunk and a great big dollop of fantasy thrown in. I also love writing about characters who are infinitely more resourceful and brave than I’ll ever be. In The Dark Rose, we have two people who recognise their match on a deep, instinctive level. But guess what? They’re too darn clever to trust each other. Here we have Rose, a courtesan as devious as she is lovely, pitted against Quin, the foremost Technomage of the day–a man of undoubted intellectual brilliance, but completely devoid of tact or finer feelings. He infuriates Rose as much as he fascinates her. Rose is a challenge Quin can’t resist. He’s a threat she’s been ordered to … eliminate.

You can read the first chapter on Denise’s website, or buy it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble or Australian bookstores.

All ARRA members who comment on this post will win a book of their choice from Denise’s Four-Sided Pentacle books (including the anthologies). Check them all out here.  Giveaway closes on 1 October 2012. (The winner was Rosalie)

  1. aimskye permalink
    17 September 2012 9:42 am

    Congrats on your release day Denise!


    • 18 September 2012 10:59 am

      Hey Aimee!
      Thanks so much. The thrill never wears off, you know! *smile*

  2. 13 September 2012 9:48 pm

    Hi Jet! Thanks for the kind words. I did enjoy myself very much writing the Four-sided Pentacle series. I love the power of creating (and controlling) my own worlds. heh heh

    If you haven’t read any of my work before, have a look at what I said to Barbara. Could be useful!

  3. 13 September 2012 9:45 pm

    Ah, Rosalie, you just made my day. *beams* You mentioned me in the same sentence as Heinlein. Wow! Thank you! I do hope you enjoy The Dark Rose!

  4. Jet permalink
    13 September 2012 3:23 pm

    This sounds like a fantastic series, can’t wait to read it!

  5. 13 September 2012 12:15 pm

    Thank goodness it’s finally here! We Denise Rossetti devotees have had a long wait, but, it’s always worth it. I love ’em all. If it has your name on it, Denise, then you know I’ll be reading it. Love your worlds and characters. They are real people to me.
    And that suits me fine. I grew up believing (Robert Heinlein fan) in Otherworlds. If the books are good, I’m There! And I have not been lt down in any way by your stories.
    Keep writing them and I’ll keep reading them. 🙂

  6. 11 September 2012 9:55 pm

    Congratulations on the release, Denise. I know it will be wonderful and I look forward to reading it!

  7. Barbara permalink
    11 September 2012 10:30 am

    Hi Denise

    Congratulations on your book…. sounds like another good one…. I have to catch up with this series


    • 11 September 2012 10:43 am

      Thanks, Barbara!
      If you haven’t read any of the Four-sided Pentacle series, it’s best to start with The Flame and the Shadow. All the book info is on my website Plus all the first chapters. I hate having to buy a book without reading a decent sized excerpt first, so I don’t see why you should have to! No pigs in pokes around here! *snork*

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