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Guest blogger: Heather Boyd

22 July 2012

21 ways to procrastinate

I’ve got a deadline looming. I should be writing up a storm. Instead, I’ve fallen foul and have had a hard time focusing on my work of late.

I blame school holidays—my ten year old is a seriously inquisitive boy. I also blame my hero who doesn’t seem ready to have his story finished. I blame Lord Grantham from Downton Abbey for kissing the housemaid and making me angry with him for cheating on his wife.

In the name of organisation I have tidied my office, purchased and written up a whiteboard with goals and reminders, cleaned out my computer files, set up a Dropbox account for file sharing and backups. I’ve made lists, purchased a new notebook (the paper kind) for writing blog posts like this.

I’ve designed trading cards for an author friends series, signed up for three more blog hops between now and October, and finally added a WordPress blog to my website.

Whew. You’d think by now I’d be out of distractions, but that was only 12.

Six Sentence Sunday takes up a good chunk of time and reading short snippets of other author’s work is fun and aspirational (also adds to my TBR list). Pinterest—so many pretty pictures. The ARRA book signing is coming up next month and goodies must be debated. Bookmarks and giveaways, Minties or Mentos.

Stumble Upon is great for finding inspiration for blog posts like these. Rearranging all the bookshelves in my house. I have 11 just downstairs and they’re now alphabetical.  Solitaire. I made the mistake of challenging my hubby to get the quickest and best score on our iPhones. He’d determined to beat me.

My Smurf Farm (also an iPhone app) is currently at Level 25, 99%. One more per cent to go before I level. Twitter—my social media addiction of choice (@Heather_Boyd). And the best, one of course, is reading.

And that is 21!!

I’m sure there are lots more ways to fill in the hours when I should be finishing my current story. I’m giving away an ecopy of my latest release, Engaging the Enemy, to one randomly picked visitor. So, hit me with your biggest procrastination fix and I’m sure I can find the time to squeeze another vice in. (The giveawy is now closed. Congratulations to Shiona!)

Engaging the Enemy

Every great family has a few secrets best left unspoken. The wild Randalls of Hampshire excel at them.

A duchess should be regal, aloof and the image of calm elegance. But those words have never applied to Mercy Randall, Duchess of Romsey. A widow and mother of a young duke, Mercy is lonely and floundering to keep the estate afloat. When she discovers the existence of Leopold Randall, her husband’s estranged cousin, Mercy commits to help him locate his missing siblings if he’ll return the estate to order. Although cautioned against trusting a man who would inherit everything should her son die, she impetuously hands over the estate to Leopold’s care in the hope of keeping him near.

Leopold Randall, heir to the young duke, has returned to Hampshire to demand information regarding the fate of his missing siblings. Unfortunately, the Duchess of Romsey is clueless about them, yet her struggle to maintain the estate tugs at Leopold’s sense of duty. At her insistence, he steps in to bring order to chaos while searching for hints to his family’s whereabouts amongst the old duke’s papers. Yet the duchess tempts him in ways best unspoken. He fights to hide his weakness for her and a shameful past that could see him banished again. But when Leopold discovers a threat against the duchess and young duke’s life, he must join forces with the temptress to protect his last known relative.

About Heather

Heather Boyd is the author of erotic romance with an historical bent. A fan of regency England settings, she writes m/f and m/m stories that push the boundaries of propriety and even break the laws of that time. Brimming with new ideas, she frequently wishes she could type as fast as she can conjure up new storylines. She lives with her testosterone-fuelled family north of Sydney, Australia. You can find more about her at

  1. 30 July 2012 1:26 pm

    Sorry for not coming back to announce the winner sooner. Got some distressing news last week.

    The winner is Shiona. Please contact me to claim your prize.

  2. Barbara permalink
    23 July 2012 4:11 pm

    You have certainly been busy Heather…… Retirement gets in the way as I always think I can do it tomorrow….lol

    • Barbara permalink
      23 July 2012 4:19 pm

      I should have said I have read this book and really liked it and am waiting for the following one

  3. lynette williams permalink
    23 July 2012 10:55 am

    i have been trying to start my sewing but keep finding other things to do

  4. Shiona permalink
    22 July 2012 1:44 pm

    I should be working? Then you’ll find me trawling through the websites of my favourite authors to find out what I have to look forward too. Or painting my nails.

    • 22 July 2012 3:55 pm

      Curses. I forgot that one! I love checking out author websites too!

  5. 22 July 2012 11:27 am

    Fantastic list of procrastination tools, Heather. Although being in deadlineland myself not quite what I need right now!

    And thanks for the reminder that I need swag for the ARRA signing. I’m so mired in writing I’d completely forgotten and it’s only a little over 3 weeks away. Yikes!

    • 22 July 2012 3:53 pm

      Anything I can do to distract another writer. LOL Have fun getting your swag together.

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