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Release day: Office Affair

1 May 2012

Today is the official release of Office Affair by Jess Dee (e-book, Samhain Publishing).  Here’s the blurb:

All work and no play? Not for this girl. Not anymore.

Melissa Sparks has had enough. Enough of being the high achiever, enough of ignoring her social life in favor of her job and enough of being lonely. Just this once she wants a change. Something different. Something that looks very much like her business associate, Ben Cowley.

Ben Cowley is all alone in the deserted offices of Preston Elks. He’s gorgeous, he’s single and he’s been her secret fantasy for the last two years. It’s a split-second decision, but there’s no going back.

When Ben looks up from his desk, the last thing he expects to see is his too-serious, straight-laced colleague stripping naked. It’s been a year since his last relationship ended, and though he’s still picking up the pieces, Melissa throws his carefully balanced world off its axis. So does her offer: a brief affair, no strings attached.

Right about the time he realizes a simple affair will never be enough, she’s back in professional mode—and clearly as distant as ever. Now it’s up to him to show her that what they have is no fluke…and he’ll do whatever it takes to convince her. Even if it means inviting another man into their bed.

Warning: This book contains a man haunted by his past decisions, a woman determined to succeed, sex hot enough to steam up every office window on the block, and a voyeur who gets off watching those windows steam up.

Jess dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

Office Affair is a story about two people who have been badly burned in the past. They reach out to each other in the only way they know how – sexually. But both are stunned to realise that no matter how hard they try, their feelings for each other cannot be limited to a physical relationship. Office Affair features one of the heroes from a previous book, Island Idyll. You might even call it the unofficial sequel.

You can find out more about Jess’s work at or her blog.  You can buy this book at  Samhainpublishing, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

All ARRA members who leave a comment on this blog article will go in the draw to win an e-copy of Island Idyll, the unofficial prequel to Office Affair. This giveaway closes on 22 May 2012. (thanks to all who commented, the winner was Jody)

  1. aimskye permalink
    4 May 2012 2:01 pm

    Congrats Jess!
    The blurb and the cover are HOT!


  2. 2 May 2012 12:11 am

    Thanx, ladies. I hope you enjoy the book. (oh, and good luck with the contest.)

  3. Barb permalink
    1 May 2012 9:40 pm

    Looks like another great book Jess

  4. Jody Anderson permalink
    1 May 2012 6:23 pm

    What a raunchy sounding book. Can’t wait to get my hands on it, would love to win a book from one of my favourite authors. Once again a book that sound hot but with a great story line. As always congratulations Jess.

  5. Mary G permalink
    1 May 2012 2:44 pm

    Congrats Jess. Sounds like another winner!

  6. 1 May 2012 1:03 pm

    WOW – the cover and the blurb are HOT, HOT, HOT. It makes me have to buy it.

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