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ARRC2011: audio CD

23 May 2011

We are very happy to announce that we are now taking orders for the audio CD from ARRC2011.

The CD will cost $20 for members and $25 for non-members.  Postage and handling will be charged at $2 for one CD, $2.60 for 2 CDs and $6 for 3 or more CDs.

You can download the order form from here.  (The form can be filled in electronically and emailed back.)

We have set up an splash screen on the CD. If your computer is set up to autostart CDs this screen will automatically appear when you insert the CD. You then have the option to open the program or go directly to a list of the audio files. We have also set up an interactive version of the program – once you open it up you can click on each session to open the recording of that session.

The CD includes 17 audio files, covering all plenary and panel sessions:

  • Keynote – Anna Campbell
  • Keynote – Nalini Singh
  • Keynote – Cindy Gerard
  • Meet Hélène Young
  • Panel 1a – Paranormal
  • Panel 1b – Outback and in love
  • Panel 1c – This one time
  • Panel 2a – Romantic suspense
  • Panel 2b – Erotica
  • Panel 2c – Publishing ins and outs
  • Panel 3a – This other time
  • Panel 3b – Contemporary
  • Panel 3c – Up and coming authors
  • Panel 4a – Historical
  • Panel 4b – Fantasy, sci-fi and futuristic
  • Panel 4c – Category/series
  • By invitation panel and closing

The recordings have captured all of each session, even the very soft questions from the audience. For most of the panels we have amplified the audience questions so that they can be heard without adjusting the volume on your player, so the sound levels are a bit variable. In one session (erotica) the recording actually finishes a little before the end of the session, so there is a little bit of this session missing.

We are just finishing up the artwork for the CD and then it will go for duplication. We expect to be able to start mailing out the CDs in early June.

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